Monday, September 19, 2011



The American worker, families and communities face a common problem today. It’s estimated between 13 and 20 million plus currently has settled and work in our nation unlawfully. The majorities are--ECONOMIC--and don't pay local, state, Federal taxes and yet demand privileges meant for US citizens and legal residents, placing a massive yoke around government welfare and bleed this recessions sources of revenue. American’s can no longer pay to subsidize the illegal immigrants, with the taxpayer’s $113 Billion dollars and-up annually. Let alone 2.5 Trillion dollars to process the government estimated 11.5 million aliens that live here. (Heritage foundation & Pew Hispanic Research Center)

These illegal offenders, who come here, leave no paper trail of foreign criminal convictions. Most have families, many legal that hide their relations in plain sight. They bring their children or birth them here attending public schools by law, adding to overcrowded classrooms and diverting scarce education money. Time is not on America’s side, as the borders remain porous and hundreds of miles of ancient barbed wire fences, open lake areas, rivers--which the US Agents thinly roam trying to courageously stop drug cartels, criminal cargo and the endless tracks of foreign nationals.

I don't think any American is opposed to legal immigration, As all of us, one time or the other came across the Atlantic or crossed borders. But illegal immigrant invaders are something entirely wrong, that treads on our "rule of law" and the prime directives of the U.S. Constitution. America is a nation of laws, which we abide by. Illegal aliens want all the rights of the legal population, but scorn our laws and then have the audacity to demonstrate in our streets. This is just not right, with most ignoring our people’s common bond to respect our laws. They do neither! Unlike the 19th century immigrants they come here expecting to be monetary taken care of, wish not to learn our language or to assimilate into American society.

However, the open border tyranny has a different agenda. The Obama government has used executive directives, making it possible for illegal aliens to settle in this nation. Last month President Obama issued an executive order to bypass the Congress, establishing new ICE priorities relating to deportations. This event has led an easier path for illegal nationals to remain in this country, being able to apply for a work permit. Even though the American public and refusal of Congress to approve of any new amnesty, the administration has created a back door entry for these people.

Many honest lawmakers signed a letter to President Obama and executive members of the staff, protesting this action. In other words this Administration has stonewalled the Congress, which is the only avenue that an amnesty may be passed into law.

A mandatory E-Verify vote is coming up for a vote this week and every American is frustrated and irate about Obama's executive order should contact his representative in Washington insisting they pass Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas "The Legal Workforce Act" (H.R. 2885). This is about saving jobs for working Americans, being stolen by illegal alien labor.

In her opening statement on yesterday, Rep. Linda Sanchez described E-Verify as broken.

"The system is riddled with errors and doesn't work. It doesn't flag the workers it's supposed to flag, and it snags too many citizens and legal workers in its net. The job market is tough enough. It makes no sense for Congress to pass a law that makes it more difficult for legal workers to find work."

Why are the pro-amnesty groups so scared of Chairman Smith's bill? Because they know it would take away any leverage they have for passing a mass amnesty, and more importantly, it would successfully remove illegal aliens from the workforce.

Further there is the HALT Act (Hinder the Administration's Legalization Temptation) bill. This bill would prevent USCIS (United States Customs and Immigration Services) and ICE from granting parole for illegal aliens who are convicted of a crime and other actions, including reversing the administration’s recent executive directive authorizing the cancellation of the removal of illegal aliens from our country. The simple explanation of the "HALT" act is to stop the present government from circumventing the Congress on deportation and other immigration laws, so ICE can carry out their duties.

If the people of America wish to change the 1986 Immigration Control and Reform Act, so be it--with their votes. But the laws were regulated to place detainers on illegal aliens and then deport them, for violating the United States laws. Only President Obama has ignored Congress and changed our laws by fiat. Showing complete indifference to our laws and living inside state borders, has gone too far. Even worse are the oaths our president, his men and women sworn to protect us from enemies domestic and foreign have chosen to ignore the American people’s voices.

Before Obama and back three decades, the US government has overreached their empowerment, as we have witnessed in courts as activist judges have followed their own agendas. Immigration is no longer a lesser of issues, as it has influenced both the jobs of thousands of US workers and this economy. The "HALT" act, E-Verify, 287 G and "Secure Communities” are the sane way, for the illegal aliens to begin an exodus from this country. Another sure system is for the government to issue every American with an official ID. These policing laws would eventually make it near impossible, for illegal aliens to stay here, without fear of detection.

As Americans you should expect nothing more or less, from any politician. If the Liberals, Democrats or even the Republicans will not enforce Immigration laws, it’s for sure TEA PARTY leaders will.

If you suspect that competition is using an illegal workforce, contact the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)'s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) division at 1-866-DHS-2ICE (866-347-2423).According to one of our members who spoke with an ICE agent, "the mere 'suspicion' that a company's employees are illegal aliens is all that is necessary to make the call to commence an investigation." He added, "Law enforcement organizations cannot, and do not, expect the public to be experts in determining whether someone is committing a crime, so they provide a safe harbor approach to informing."  Whistle Blowers are very welcome who see irregularities at their workplace. Much evidence is available at NumbersUSA, less available news stories at American Patrol and the corruption spawned in our government at Judicial Watch. Otherwise call your local Representative, insisting they vote for Rep. Lamar Smith’s Judiciary Committee, who can be reached through the Washington Switchboard at 202-224-3121 to make E-Verify a mandatory law for work, to save US jobs from illegal alien competition.


You are far from being a lone voice on the issue of illegal immigration. The TEA PARTY is the massive impetus that will resolve this problem that is feeding off the US taxpayer. The TEA PARTY is just average Americans, out to protect their interests, unlike the current government who are out to pacify illegal foreigners.  The governments seem to condone illegal activities, as did the previous administration as a reward for business owners. The TEA PARTY will enforce the 1986 Immigration law, with no Path to Citizenship, No Amnesty, No Dream Act and no Sanctuary city or State policies. The front door or you will be deported or imprisoned.