Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Illegal immigration, E-Verify and Voter Fraud. October 25. 2011

Illegal immigration, E-Verify and Voter Fraud.

The American people, especially citizens need to feel secure, when they vote in 2012. In a recent check by the Texas Secretary of State’s offices, have indicated that 600,000 registered voters lack a valid driver’s license or state issued identification card. This should not be unexpected since Texas does not require presentation of identification when registering to vote, with many other states that are in the same flexible situation. This is outrageously reckless and is apparent throughout this nation, which illegal aliens have been voting. This is proving to be a major problem that is not an isolated case with our federal election system. Time and time again, mostly by Democratic, there have been incidents of voter fraud. The center of our government must do something about this issue, but remain unconcerned with the consequences of illegal aliens voting in a presidential election, specifically through easy access and manipulation of absentee ballots.

The Texas legislature recently passed a bill sponsored by Senator Troy Fraser (R-Horseshoe Bay) which will require voters to show valid ID at the polls, such as a driver’s license, state concealed handgun permit, U.S. military ID or a U.S. passport. But guess what, the regulation is being held up by the Justice Department. The DOJ claims at this time are reviewing the measure on grounds of possible discrimination against minorities. So we have to ask ourselves—will they still be reviewing the law, before another Texas state election or even the presidential 2012 race?

In 2010, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board released figures showing that during the 2009 fall semester, more than 12,000 illegal aliens paid in-state tuition rates at state schools throughout Texas. Many of them also received taxpayer-funded financial aid, which will be comparable circumstances in California as the state is crippled by overwhelming financial woes. All Sanctuary States that include California and Nevada have not learned the lesson of Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Indiana and perhaps Utah to some measure, that even more countless numbers of ECONOMIC illegal aliens will be pouring over those state borders, looking for free money and welfare benefits with compliments of the heavy Democratic officials seated there.

When is our government going to do, what the people say and not the communist founded ACLU, the open border or the special interest groups that thrive in 'K' Street Washington. Is there a line outside with politicians waiting for a clandestine financial hand outs. I personally think the only way that we can change the disastrous direction of the United States is the TEA PARTY. Not the high wealthy rollers as with Rick Perry, nor perhaps Mitt Romney, as they are not true TEA PARTY members, but wealthy candidates, who crave an honest leader in the presidential race. My vote will undeniably go to Herman Cain, or possibly Newt Gingrich or even Michele Bachmann. Our 'Rule of Law' has gone flying out the window, thanks to the leftist view of running a government, but essentially we must contain this giant behemoth or it will be expanded larger than the private section. The Democrats are selling our grand children's future, with higher tax rates, to not only pay for our own share of poverty suffering people, but millions of illegal alien strangers who have flooded this country.  As for Ohio, they only speak of immigrants; there is a wide gulf between somebody who’s legal and those who come here through unlawful means? The TEA PARTY, with the majority of members have advocated, no rights to any form of Amnesty, no Dream Acts, no Sanctuary cities and immigration reform and denial of every welfare assistance that is paid by taxpayers.

We have a government offering little or no resistance in controlling this lawless welfare virulent disease. What chance do we have of overseeing our own impoverished people, when we are forced by the courts to give foreign people cash payments, medical care, low income housing and other public assistance? Why should a baby of a illegal alien mother get free hospital care, when an American mother no matter their financial standing are hunted down for payment? YOU CANNOT ACCEPT THE LIES SPAWNED FROM THE MOUTHS OF BOTH LIBERALS AND DEMOCRATS, THOSE ILLEGAL ALIENS CANNOT COLLECT CITIZEN AND LEGAL RESIDENT WELFARE BENEFITS.

If you are sick of our incompetent government in Washington, we can change this plan and vote for strictly for House and Senate TEA PARTY representatives for the American people. Not for big corporations, defense industry and the wealthy who have obscured the path of our legislative leaders. Start today by troubling the House and Means politicians, who are reluctant or intentionally delaying the 'The Legal Workforce Act' known as bill (H.R. 2885.) Contact Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) (202-225-0600) and inform his aids, which you are a voter and you insist of bringing Rep. Lamar Smiths 'The Legal Workforce Act' to the floor in the next session of Congress. Just by harassing these GOP leaders, we can and will empty 8 million illegal alien jobs and return them to American workers. Give regular law enforcement to check the fingerprints of anybody booked into jail. This will also illuminate illegal alien criminals, by checking their arrival after arrested through the ‘Secure Communities’ program that forwards prints to ICE and Homeland Security.

This is the divisive E-Verify that will literary starve-out illegal immigrant from job placement. E-Verify must not be watered down, but enforced mandatory and with no loopholes for large companies, that seems to be a fact with corporations getting waivers in Obamacare.  It’s significant to learn that the 20-25 million illegal aliens already illegally settled here would also get health care from this nationwide plan of this administration. There are plenty of information resources at NumbersUSA, (FAIR) Federation for Immigration Reform, Judicial Watch and hundreds of pro-sovereignty groups.