Thursday, November 17, 2011


There is vast difference between the ‘OCCUPIER’ demonstrators exhibiting their adversity to American society and capitalism and the growing roots of the TEA PARTY. How the leftists newspapers and extremist activists can acquaint the multitudes of ordinary Americans of Senior Citizens and black, white, Hispanic, Latino, Asian people; the blue and white collar American workers is beyond me. The people who are crowding the pillars of Wall Street, think that the wealthy businessman owe them something? These people strumming their stuff are nothing like the TEA PARTY. Members of the Tea Party carry signs with them and congregate for their demonstrations, but don’t leave after departure a disgusting mess and cause the police to react with tear gas and angry retribution. The Tea Party is not George Soros anarchist, communists and people who hate America; they are Americans who want non-violent change. 

The Tea Party agenda is to reduce the size of government, to earlier days, to reinvent the Tax Code, so nobody escapes paying their fair share; whether corporate giants as General Electric, Google, with exceptions, no options. Each new tax plan highlighted by the potential presidential candidates should be scrutinized such as Herman Cain’s 9-9-9. The legislators should dismantling farm subsidies, sugar and ethanol, oil, energy and thousands financial entities carefully crafted loopholes? Renegotiate fair trade agreements with foreign countries, which are deviously engineering, so we get a fair deal from countries as china. Incidentally why in the world would be giving Communist China free money, when we are paying off part of our 15 Trillion debt to their government? It really is a shame that Donald trump is not running for president, as he stated that he would place at least a import tariff of at least 25 percent on every countries products, that are playing us for stooges; like China.

Out of this internal mess caused by corruption and downright incompetence, all US government agencies that do not conform to the US Constitution, should be returned to the authorities at the state level.  Throughout these last decades we have remained indifferent to the expansion of Washington, but the consequences have become unsatisfactory and a fiscal catastrophe. Our schools and education are a dismal failure, as they have been mismanaged by layers of bureaucrats, at the Department of Education.

The creation of small and large business cannot get off the ground, as America has developed into a country of out of control rules and regulations. Industrial nation as china can file documentation for a new bridge in a day and approved for the engineers to begin construction the same week. While in America to get any approval can take months, that’s if you’re lucky. An example was my Uncles family where they applied for a permit to lay gas lines, for a new construction project in Lancaster, California. The permits were not approved for 9 months by the city of Lancaster; they spent all this time in bureaucratic limbo, waiting to further advance the housing project. The whole construction project ended up in the hands of the bank, which was overshadowed by the real estate bubble bursting.

One of our greatest problems that have not been resolved yet is illegal immigration.  The financial aspect is main concern that must be severed for good, that most prudent people know is costing over 100 billion dollars a year. This is not a static figure as the more people who illegal trespass here, the more money drained from each tier of government. These outlandish sums of money should be going to our old folks, homeless and sick. This welfare assistance should not be appropriated by government agencies for children of illegal families, under the misinterpretation of the 14th amendment.

Illegal immigration is no longer an issue that can be ignored, as it has literary shown up as an main contention. It’s a fallacy driven by Democratic and Liberal doctrines that these people are here just to work? Go to any Sanctuary City, such as Los Angeles, California or Nevada and determine your own views of the financial situation in those States, or any other state that has assumed these illegal policies. As I repeated many times—it’s all about copious greed and potential votes in future elections. Neither party is without blame for the ramification of this daily immigration problem. Whether it’s another drunken alien, killing a United States citizen or a person of permanent residency the occurrences are rising. Only the rural press or E-media tends to even bother printing about these terrible incidents, which is carefully concealed by the Liberal progressives.  

Criminal aliens have spread across the country, with their gangs and the poison they have spawned through each state. In good stead, President Obama showed great promise, with extending ICE’S authority with a commitment to end the mayhem, but that has slowed under his current directive of Obama and the reticent leftists in the Department of IN-Justice allow these less criminal blemished persons to remain on the streets. To the TEA PARTY all people who unlawfully jump the fence or arrive by airline are criminals. Everybody should be tracked and then deported or leave by their own act. The Tea Party recognizes no path to citizenship, amnesty or immigration reform or the small covert arrangements each year, importing undeserved visa holders that big companies have exploited as cheap inferior labor.

Perhaps our last chance to close the door on the unwanted poor of other countries is Lamar Smith’s ‘LEGAL WORKFORCE ACT. Bill H.R. 2885 has the empowerment to stop illegal aliens claiming the work of the 24 million American jobless.  Legally known as E-Verify it is a strong tool, to disrupt foreigners from seeking work, since they cannot pass the verification barrier that I-9 audits have emplaced. New versions of E-Verify can detect fraudulent documentation, specifically with the assistance of the approval from State Departments of Motor Vehicles nationwide.

If you want to fax for fee go to NumbersUSA or please call  your House Representative at the Congressional Switchboard.202-224-3121

Before the new session of Congress we need the assistance of patriotic Americans to harass, their Federal and State legislative Ways and Means Committee lead by Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) to get his fellow House Representatives their reluctant backsides and sponsor Bill H.R. 2885.

Remember Congress is filled with distended corruption, whose measure of responsibility only is influenced by the wealthy donors and their special interest lobbyists. Unless full sponsorship of Bill 2885 gets to the house floor, there is little chance of success. You can learn more about the ‘Legal Workforce Act’ at the NumbersUSA website.

America should invest in its people and stop discovering new ways to subsidize foreign wars, foreign governments and make our own sovereign nation less resilient as it once was. We have judges who don’t comply with the letter of the law and interpret their Liberal ideology from the bench. We have been invaded over at least four administrations by extraordinary amounts of poverty, that our country is expected to absorb, that taxpayers are expected to be the benefactor. E-Verify will totally slow the magnitudes who come here, with their palms open. These are ECONOMIC PEOPLE well aware of America’s entitlement programs. They are not the 19th century poor, that were viewed the Statue of Liberty for the first time and expected nothing upon arrival on Ellis Island.

These new illegal aliens know before arriving here how to work the system. Family and friends are well acquainted how to get their fingers in the taxpayers pies. Supervisor Mike Antonovich stated: “The argument that illegal’s foreigners contribute more than they receive in government services is nonsense Illegal immigration has had a catastrophic economic impact on Los Angeles County Our bankrupt health care delivery system has become an HMO for the world and criminal illegal aliens are overwhelming our criminal justice system.” Nearly 100,000 children of 60,000 undocumented parents receive aid every year. Antonovich released new statistics for 2011 showing social spending for those families in his county rose to $53 million in November, putting the county government on track to spend more than $600 million on related costs for the year -- up from $570 million in 2009. Combined with public safety costs and health care costs, the City Supervisor claimed the "total cost for illegal immigrants to county taxpayers" was more than $1.6 billion in 2010.

How can taxpayers be so deluded by Democratic Governors, Mayors and officials who are parting with these tax dollars, they should be going to our senior citizens. Many programs have been cut back in Los Angeles, but taxpayers are subsidizing foreign aliens; old people are principally hard hit.  "Not including the hundreds of millions of dollars for education," Undoubtedly this is an astronomical problem from the East to West coast, hat Congress prefers to leave this alone, except for a few Stewart lawmakers. The TEA PARTY has a strong commitment to transform this country from a debtor nation, to once again a creditor nation that must start with the illegal alien occupation.

Remember Illegal aliens have voted in previous elections and overlooked. The Tea Party will be manning the election precincts and investigating forged registrations and irregular absentee ballots in 2012.

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E-verify is a commitment by all honest politicians, with an answer to every American workers prayer. The Representative Judicial Ways & Means chairman Smith, has a need for more sponsors to pass the ‘Legal Workforce Act. It is guaranteed to remove illegal aliens from the job market, and make all business owners under federal obligation or face serious sanctions, which before a district judge could carry hefty fines, business property confiscation and without the exclusion of a prison term.

The E-Verify program is possible the greatest deterrent against the illegal alien invasion and it will inhibit—the labor and consequently the family with instant citizenship children born to illegal aliens and smuggled into this country.  Nobody should get any special privilege in education tuition or health care, especially—ILLEGAL ALIENS. Of course it is demonized by the so called ‘progressives’—AS E-VERIFY WORKS!

As a controversial example, Alabama's unemployment rate is 9.8%. It is not plausible that the state's unemployed are averse to laboring in a construction or the other non-farm jobs available there? Americans will do any job if they are paid a fair wage that allows them to provide for their families.

We have seen the consequences of illegal immigration, that throughout the last 25 years, that without the real 2006 Secure Fence Act by lacking any true enforcement within our sovereign country, we have been overrun and occupied. The costs to support the economic invasion of 20 million plus people, represents a failure of numerous administrations. No need to go into the financial ramifications of this terrible epidemic, as everybody knows the expenditure could pay for a small countries surplus. It’s in the hundreds of billions, which you can study at the Heritage Foundation website.  Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann or any GOP hardliners or moderate, hoping in the next year to attain the presidency better have an answer for the illegal immigration invasion and not—MASS AMNESTY?  Any form of Immigration reform leads to more CHAIN MIGRATION, adding more people to the welfare rolls; encouraging even more people to come here.

Unlike Europe, we don’t need more poverty slipping through our porous border or taking a one-way airplane trip. We are already depleting our precious resources and so we must hold the line at a porous border, having a standing National Guard to compliment the US Border patrol. England is under a tremendous strain, because of the Labor Morons and Conservatives and overwhelming population problem through legal and illegal immigration. Europe is under constant bombardment from poor nations that encroach from the Northeast. Illegal Immigration is just about bountiful supplies of profit to businesses and millions of extra votes. View it like this? The more illegal aliens that pour through the none-restraining fence at our borders the more customers for goods and services? It’s strictly about uncontrolled greed.

President Obama has started to falter in enforcing our immigration laws, by cutting border inspections on entering transportation through the border regions. Buses, trains will not be rigorously checked as before, when people who act suspiciously are asked for their immigration documents. Instead the US Border agents will rely only on intelligence beforehand. This policy along with Obama’s executive order, to only apprehend criminals and hold for deportation; the rest of illegal aliens with no apparent record, released to the streets. The Department of IN-Justice is supposedly defending the US Constitution?   I don’t think so, as they sue Arizona, Alabama, Georgia and the rest, who really are defending their legal population against ECONOMIC illegal foreigners.

Another thing not truly recognized, is guillotining senior folk’s well-being in opposition to the nation's financial health— is a bogus alternative. Upcoming federal medical care payments can be drastically reduced by the repeal the expansion of Medicaid and the billions of dollars poured into health services for illegal aliens under the Obama health law before these provisions go into effect.

E-Verify or the ‘Legal Workforce Act (Bill H.R. 2885) needs every lawmakers attention and every American needs to call or fax their representative in Washington, and hope they have not  yet been corrupted by special interest lobbyists, that swarm like bloated insidious flies in the halls of Congress.  NumbersUSA has a free faxing service that is available to every legal resident or citizen. You also have the option of calling Washington yourself at 202-224-3121.

This is a critical time before the 2012 election, and requires enough House Representatives to sponsor this bill in the next session.

Environmentalists need to open their eyes to the mounds of garbage, left by drug packers, illegal aliens and the tracks of other criminals, finding their way across the border. Instead of complaining about some frog or plant, they should go and clean up the effluence.

To repeat, illegal aliens have been voting in our elections. The TEA PARTY will be scrutinizing electoral rolls, registration and absentee ballots.