Saturday, December 24, 2011

Leave the 50 States alone. November19, 2011

The question to ask yourself does ‘the Legal Workforce acts (E-Verify) benefit you? If you have a highly skilled paying job such as a production engineer, a teacher or a store manager—probably not? But if you work in a school district as a janitor, or are employed as a janitor for a high rise office block, construction laborer, maids and housekeepers, Taxi drivers and chauffeurs, meat processors, Grounds maintenance workers, Porters, bellhops, and concierges, Casino workers, entertainment and Janitors the chances are especially in the inner city you’re that type of employment has gone to an illegal alien. American youngster used to do babysitting, mowing lawns and small jobs to supplement their saving for college. Even these jobs have been taken by foreign persons.  Jobs associated with the lower income have disappeared to illegal workers in the last 25 years, encouraged by callous business owners who see nothing--but larger profits for them.

Can anybody give a better reason why Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, Indiana and South Carolina are trying to bring to a halt this trespassing invasion? A Decatur Republican Representative Micky Hammon stated, "The truth is more Alabamians are working today thanks in part to our decision to crack down on illegal immigration." It is his name on the immigration bill that became law, the Beason-Hammon Alabama Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act. Immigration enforcement works—IF IT’S ENFORCED.

These states are overwhelmed with illegal welfare recipients, which businesses have enticed thousands of the poor from across the globe—with no restrictions from any government even before President Obama. These are all unfunded laws driven by the courts, perhaps not realistic in its assumption that illegal aliens will raise the economy, but instead has cause major problems in the entitlement programs. Schools, hospitals, housing is just a small portion of this illegal occupation costing American taxpayers over a hundred billion annually—with no end in sight, unless we enact a law now?

This has been an outrageous fact around the country, where black citizens, Hispanic citizens, Asian citizens and white citizens and other races of low income Americans, have been displaced by foreign nationals who have illegally entered this country. In the past 25 years California and nationwide employers including the janitorial businesses have turned their backs on the average American workers. Employers have come to habitually say that these ‘jobs that Americans won't do.’ Contrary to this pitiful excuse, these are jobs that Americans once did, but lost them to illegal aliens and with no end in sight, unless we can convince the Ways and Means Committee headed by Majority Speak John Boehner of Ohio, to move E-Verify to the house floor. 

As an example thousands of illegal aliens in North Carolina have displaced Americans in the furniture manufacturing industry. The white and black workers traditionally were employed in this occupation before the onslaught of illegal aliens, as they held these jobs for years. This trend has picked up steam, killing jobs for thousands of Southerners who have labored in this in these factory jobs. But today these Americans are out of work as inveterate company owners are transporting by busloads of foreigners to the factories to enhance their earnings.

The Mandatory E-Verify bill is not perfect immigration enforcement, as the open border zealots and the Washington lobbyists never exhaust their reasoning on its faults and errors.  But every step upwards means more tools in the arsenal including Homeland Security and the Social security administration arranging a compact with the countrywide use of the Depts. of Motor picture ID Vehicle identification. Those already well acquainted--illegal migrants and immigrants who  buy fake Social Security Cards, drivers licenses, birth certificates, etc, brought on the black market, will be easily detected and illegal alien will be tagged for investigation.

Illegal immigration has completely exploded out of proportion, which must be reduced to a small stream or even stopped. This is why ‘The Legal Workforce Act; Bill 2885 is viable and extremely important to the mainstream job market. Finally the House Representatives are hearing this plea and already adding the 12 more lawmakers in the last two weeks, bringing the number of co-sponsors to 65, who wanting this law to reach the floor of the House of Representatives. The needed pinnacle to reach the chambers is 100 co-sponsors and you can do your part, to move the bill along. The switchboard number in Washington is 202-224-3121 and call them insisting they co-sponsor The Legal Workforce act, (E-Verify.) Late yesterday, Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Colo.) joined the other Co-sponsors, with now only 35 co-sponsors left to go. But where are the Democrats—are there any in the Dem party who don’t think birthright Americans, naturalized citizens or even legal permanent residents should have the jobs first through bill 2885.

Find out everything you want to know about the illegal alien invaders at NumbersUSA,

We can take a huge bite out the 8.2 illegal alien workforces and that way aiding the ‘blue collar jobs seekers. This epidemic of hiring illegal aliens must stop, with ICE implementing more and more lightening raids on business, which are beginning to carry prison sentences. Additionally, Ice has a phone number for patriotic Americans to inform them of criminal activity in thousands of job occupations, which can be found on Google-no questions asked. Needless to say the TEA PARTY is guaranteed to correct our immigration laws, as including ‘Enforcement through Attrition.’ E-verify when made law has the empowerment to cause mass self deportations. 

A warning--that illegal aliens should not be overlooked as they vote in our elections and we must be fully aware that Democrats and Liberals intentionally ignore this violation.