Saturday, December 24, 2011


Has everyone seen or heard about the typical American worker, lining up for jobs that are now open after the raids from ICE,  leaving  wide gaps in  staff needs  throughout the country. It is obvious to the most prudent of people that if illegal migrants and immigrants fearful of ICE arresting them are fleeing custody. Then business owners really have no choice but to advertise in the local press, or just hang out a hiring sign for legitimate labor? Finally Homeland Security, with the ICE division is sweeping down on criminal companies, who think they exempt from Immigration enforcement. The manifest lightening ICE raids began with the Postville, meatpacking plant in Iowa, when 390 undocumented immigrants were arrested and taken into detention. Soon after the lines grew in volume as Americans turned up for a job opportunity, These are not isolated incidents as other companies have been caught red handed, by the sudden appearance of ICE agents and creating more employment.

This can be accelerated by the ‘The Legal Workforce Act- widely known as E-Verify. It is very distressing that citizens and legal residents must fetch this to the attention of politicians, of a great many who appear to be uninterested to the plight of American workers--that the US government have ignored this illegal alien problem for decades, seemingly denying even the real population size or the massive costs to Americans taxpayers. It's proven that they just don't care, or that the interests of Washington lobbyists and the enormity of money flushed into their campaigns by corporations is more important to them than their constituents. Those who enter America illegally are come here for jobs, but are well acquainted in the public entitlement aid structure and are better adapted to use forged ID to get their share of taxpayer dollars--over a hundred billion of those dollars?  This astronomical entitlement programs going to migrants and overstay immigrants is going to continue, unless politicians pull-the-plug by enacting the E-Verify law?

A Republican Representative In Decatur,  Micky Hammon stated, "The truth is more Alabamians are working today thanks in part to our decision to crack down on illegal immigration." It is his name on the immigration bill that became law, the Beason-Hammon Alabama Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act. Birmingham-area unemployment fell by nearly a full percentage point from 8.9% in September to 8% in October. Illegal alien families are leaving, so what other proof do the Congress need to show that immigration works if imposed?

The 'Legal workforce Act' like the tough policing laws in Alabama especially; also adopted in a similar fashion in Georgia, Arizona, Indiana and South Carolina, are producing surprising results of foreign nationals moving away to less inhibited states. Sanctuary States like California, Nevada, run by majority leaning Liberals will soon apprehensively find welfare costs will sky rocket. Is it no conjecture that the Democrats, Liberals and the elitist wealthy Republicans are getting uptight, throwing any piece of ambiguous information—whether the racial card or slurs in their newspaper columns of leftist media. In just the last few days was the fact that a German executive from Mercedes Benz Corporation was arrested in Alabama, evidently displays that the new policing laws are working. As I see it, the less economic illegal aliens in Alabama, the supplementary money they will be able to spend on their own poverty stricken legal residents.

I would expect nothing else in immigration enforcement but to uphold our laws. The same if the local police pulled me over for a traffic offense, and then I would be ready to display my driving license and insurance card. Both major parties are adamant in 'business as usual' so nothing changes for the career policy makers; that are why our country is slipping even deeper in to a recession. These privileged leaders only enforce laws, except where they are of an advantage to their interests. Of late it's 'Insider Trading' that Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) majority Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) and others hope this blemish will   fades away in their Congressional record? Look at the seemingly cover-up in the Obama administration with the massive government guarantee for the ‘Solyndra's’ solar panel corporation that will cost taxpayers $500.million dollars bailed out once again by taxpayers.

The American people’s own advantage comes in future elections, when we have the opportunity to rid Washington of these rascals. Not only can we vote for more TEA PARTY selected leaders whose main agenda is to repack the US government Departments and return them to the control of the 50 states. Then additionally completely trash the Tax Code, which has been profoundly corrupted giving massive tax liberation of subsidies to thousands of corporations, business and well placed friends of legislators, while the rest of us have to pay the tax-man. 

Nobody says we shouldn’t attract the highest skilled works, specifically in the Sciences, engineering and other technology. But within our country the most urgent need is for utterly zero-tolerance enforcement for all illegal aliens no options; that’s what the TEA PARTY believes?

Rep. Smith’s THE LEGAL WORKFORCE ACT’ (H.R.2885.) The ‘Ways and Means Committee led by Majority Speak John Boehner (R-OH) must adopt the Mandatory E-Verify Bill (H.R. 2885.) This would be a great start to cutting down on illegal foreign workers, in every occupation. Don’t be put off by screeners, just keep the barrage going till lawmakers know where you stand on this issue. Call this number at the Washington Switchboard 202-224-3121. Consider that Pro-sovereignty sites as NumbersUSA and hundreds of organizations such as American Patrol, Federation of American Immigration Reform, CAPS, Heritage Foundation and others have the answers on costs, surveys and analysis.

Attn: Be very aware that illegal aliens are compromising the integrity of our voting laws. Democrats, the far left are trying to introduce bills in Congress, so registration can be immediate. There have been many instances of ‘Voter Fraud’ that is still being investigated and prosecuted in numerous states. I have also no doubt that State Senator Russell Pierce was squeezed out of office, by the irregularities in the Arizona voting process. Probably this will be the same fate as Gov. Jan Brewer unless official Photo ID is insisted upon to vote.   We must safeguard ‘citizen’s rights’ of voting, that the socialists are looking to depress as with the garbage called ‘Political Correctness.’

To halt the illegal immigration invasion, build the 15 foot double layer fence as enacted by the 2006 Secure Fence Act. Pass the ‘Legal Workforce Act known nationally as E-Verify; House bill H.R. 2885.  Enforce E-Verify with a zero-tolerance policy, sending criminal business owners to prison, and illegal aliens that have to choose of self-deportation or leave of their own accord; with re-entry a 5 year minimal sentence. Drive politicians to make it a felony, to enter America without permission. Call this number at the Washington Switchboard 202-224-3121. Consider that Pro-sovereignty sites as NumbersUSA to find out the hundred billion cost taken from American payroll check.