Saturday, December 24, 2011


Every day now the House of Representatives are moving this most crucial of bills, to institute E-VERIFY--Lamar Smith's Legal Workforce Act (H.R.2885.) It is political anguish to learn that Sen. Harry Reid’s (D-NV) and many Democrats are withholding many other bills from reaching the Senate floor. Nevada is currently another epicenter for swarms of illegal migrants and immigrants who headed there to work, before the housing boom collapse.  Senator Reid of all people should desire to begin the removal of illegal aliens, who have moved into the state and living of taxpayers. As of today they are progressing quite rapidly towards a ‘Balance Budget Amendment’ so that the federal government can at least in essence, establish a platform for keeping discretionary spending down. No matter how it hurts—as painful as it is-- we must start to reduce the 15 Trillion dollars, However, having to Repeat continuously a wearisome mantra, that this country has a colossal illegal immigration problem and that its emptying the welfare safety-net for the legal population falls on deaf ears, specifically in the Liberal section of Democrats. To telescope the estimated $113 billion (Heritage Foundation) dollar figure and climbing, so we must demand that both Democrats and Republicans sponsor these run away arrears.

The Liberal press or other media are continuous in not labeling the difference between a legal immigrant who has a working visa and an illegal alien who is a criminal fugitive who stole into America. Immigration is non-discriminating, as it doesn’t matter where you’re from, your race, your color, your spiritual preference as long as you are LEGAL? So they should come and join the TEA PARTY to stop those who come here, with their hand out—stopped in their stride. 


Phone the Washington switchboard at 202-224-3121 and then undeviating callers to all House Representatives, accountable for moving Chairman Lamar Smith's ‘Legal Workforce Act’ (bill H.R.2885) to the House floor and enactment. Call the ‘Ways and Means Committee led by Majority Speak John Boehner (R-OH) must adopt the Mandatory E-Verify Bill (H.R. 2885.) and should be under ceaseless condemnation of challenging voters, as never before.  In just over two weeks, American activists have added Reps. Chip Cravaack (R-Minn.), Tim Johnson (R-Ill.), Reps. Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.V.) and Joe Walsh (R-Ill.), Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.) John Sullivan (R-Okla.) Rep. Ralph Hall (R-Texas), Rep. John Mica (R-Fla.) ,  Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (R-Md.) and Rep. Pete Olson (R-Texas)and as of November 17, Rep. Jo Bonner (R-Alabama)  is now co-sponsoring House Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith's Legal Workforce Act (H.R.2885.) New members are rapidly joining this marathon bill. But don’t expect Liberals or career Democrats to attach themselves to this law. Eventually it will be the fresh faces of the TEA PARTY leadership that will bring success. ONLY 36MORE CO-SPONSORS TO APPROVE (bill H.R.2885.)

Once the policymakers endorse passage of a mandatory E-Verify law, then we can also approve a uniform ‘Guest Worker’ program similar in substance to the Second World War ‘Bracero’ program, allowing farmers and other Agrarian industries to hire foreign workers, but using a tracking system as other countries. This will include airport entrances of tourists, students and other persons so the visa overstays can be effortlessly locate if they abscond. Farmers will have to supplement their labor, with a reasonable wage, benefits housing and not allow their employed to become yet another financial weight on taxpayers as health care and children’s schooling. Additionally expedited visas should be approved for peak skilled occupations, that would like to immigrate from other lands, but introduce any restrictions including the border fence to prohibit any individuals—illegal aliens and criminals.
States with massive concentrations of illegal aliens, have suffered financially, with California at the top with Nevada and Arizona following close behind.  Then the Governors of Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and Indiana have recognized the taxpayer’s money they could save, if they enacted police laws to deter more economic aliens from homesteading.  The state Governor of Arizona Jan Brewer and other State legislators had the spine, to speak up about the failure of years of an inept governments to construct the border fence; in not prosecuting businesses who are the chief offenders that have encouraged the 20 to 25 million nationals living illegally in every state, including Hawaii.

The greater majority of the TEA PARTY approve of this legislation, to pass this legislation, so that no business is exempt from using E-Verify. That in violating this potential law could not merely be prosecuted with hard fines, but amputation of business assets and a term of imprisonment. We must impose a internal federal law, with recruitment of more ICE auditors to check that mandatory E-Verify is being implemented, to safeguard American workers jobs. With an estimated 8.2 million foreign nationals with jobs, to eject some from the labor force could make a huge dent in the 22 million legal workers who are unemployed.

If the illegal alien parent cannot find a job, then he/she will certainly benefit from going to his homeland, taking his spouse and children with him/her. This will indicate less overcrowded public education, medical care and a reduction in the prison populace. The TEA PARTY majority will vote to amend the instant citizenship for babies of illegal alien parents. The TEA PARTY will close loopholes and cut funding to Sanctuary cities or eliminate those ordinances. The Tea PARTY will not vote for any form of Amnesty and will amend the ‘Chain Immigration’ laws, which along with citizenship babies, unless one parent is a US citizen.

Activists have added almost two dozen new co-sponsors in the last two weeks in which Congress has been in session!  Our best hope for reducing illegal immigration is Rep. Lamar Smith's H.R. 2885, the 50-state mandatory E-Verify bill. The bill would block illegal aliens from stealing jobs that Americans deserve--and cause them to start leaving the country.

Now we've got momentum for pushing this bill through. You probably remember that H.R. 2885 passed through the Judiciary Committee in July but has languished since, awaiting co-sponsorships from U.S. Representatives and behind-the-scenes approval from House leaders. A few weeks ago NumbersUSA asked pro-sovereignty groups, patriotic Americans and members to thrust your Representatives into co-sponsoring E-Verify. Results are flooding in now. We've gone from only 42 co-sponsors to 64 right now. That's huge progress! And more than 30 of these co-sponsors are committee or subcommittee chairmen!

Can Americans imagine the difference in America when every new employee is checked for the legal right to work in this country?

Join the TEA PARTY to stop the illegal alien invasion. The Liberal press and government sanitize the actual numbers of illegal immigrants in the United States, So the Census might not be perfectly honest. The population is estimated to be well over 20 million, as according to the Heritage Foundation. Phone the Washington switchboard at 202-224-3121 who will pass callers to House Representatives, accountable for moving Chairman Lamar Smith's E-Verify ‘Legal Workforce Act’ (bill H.R.2885) to the House floor and enactment. Learn more at NumbersUSA.