Saturday, December 24, 2011

Newt Gingrich bombshell debate. November 21, 2011

Former Speaker Newt Gingrich has very likely lost the massive support in the TEA PARTY. From the TEA PARTY websites, which there are hundreds, plus branches the word is not good. The American people are just so angry and fed-up, for as taxpayers are forced by the courts to support any person who comes here. Thousands of illegal anybodies who climb the uncompleted border fence, slips past the thousands of miles of open areas of a few strands of rusty barbed wire--that hardly qualifying as a border or even the thousands who violate the law, as telling the immigration agents at airports, they are just here as a tourist.

Our country is heavily divided on the illegal alien issue and has no time for politicians who are soft on the subject. That’s how with all good intentions President Reagan signed the Immigration Control and Reform Act. The consequences of legitimizing 3 million people, turned into a fraudulent piece of legislation that was never enforced. Business carried at violating the law and attracting, the millions that are still pouring across the law annually. The whole Simpson/Mazzoli bill was a fiasco—one big disgusting lie, played on the US taxpayer. Currently the farmers are crying out, that workers are leaving Alabama. Well all business and the agricultural industry have been using cheap labor for 25 years, but now the American taxpayers are not going to be fooled again?  In the last 4 months since Lamar Smith’s drafted H.R.2885., E-Verify and some but not all politicians are listening to ‘THE PEOPLE’—if they don’t they will be unseated in the next re-election.  

There is strong support for E-Verify law, The ‘Legal Workforce Act’, bill number H.R.2885, which will rid us of the pro-illegal alien organizations and the policymakers who kneel to them. Just 35 co-sponsors are needed to bring this legislation to the House floor.. Those American not working and want a job should get into action and phone 202-224-3121 in Washington and demand ‘The Legal Workforce Act’ bill find passage. Remember this is your money these ignorant policymakers are spending. Throw them out of office as they are destroying America, specially the Liberals and Democrats. GET THEM OUT OFF OFFICE BEFORE ITS TOO LATE. We must bring an ending to Sanctuary Cities and States, Dream Acts, Chain Migration and anything else that’s stinks of mass amnesty. But above all else President Obama must not get a second term, as our country is heading towards socialist thinking, which is likely to cause the disintegration of the European Common market. As an addition, you can go to the website of NumbersUSA and freely fax your House Representatives. All politicians, especially who are in the new TEA PARTY leadership will be held liable in coming elections.  The majority of those politicians in Washington have their own site on the web, so everybody with access to a computer can write an E-mail.

The Legal Workforce Act, E-Verify will prosecute businesses with harsh fine and prison for hiring foreign nationals. .NumbersUSA has all the facts and a free faxing system to contact the House to bring H.R. 2885, to the floor of the House.