Tuesday, January 31, 2012

ACORN and Illegal Alien registration. Jan 6, 2012

As the presidential candidates move along to the state of New Hampshire, voters should question each person remaining in the race about illegal immigration? Then a necessary question to ask the voters of New Hampshire, do you think the current numbers of illegal aliens is not a major problem? Then mull over this! The current population of illegal migrants from South of our border, and the passenger illegal immigrants who fly from other countries and overstay their visas is higher than the entire population of 13 states. This
includes Wyoming, Vermont, Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Delaware, Montana, Rhode Island, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Idaho, Maine and Nebraska as a whole.

The insidious practice of having a pregnant illegal alien intentionally entering our sovereign nation is incomprehensible. It is a means to a beneficial end--to financially place the weight of the baby’s birth on the taxpayer, as the hospitals cannot absorb the fees wrought on them, especially in Border States.  They also purposely try to get pregnant while here, as in the majority of cases deportation is held in a vacuum. The number of U.S.-citizen children born to illegal immigrants has dramatically increased over the past five years from 2.7 million in 2003 to 4 million in 2008, according to a study released Tuesday. The Pew Research Center concludes that nearly 10 percent of children born in the United States are born to illegal alien mothers.  This is exploitation and a loophole of the 14th amendment. The reason is practical—for as the illegally individual arrives in our nation from a otherwise poor country, everything for the new born is free.

THE US GOVERNMENT THROUGH ITS DISMAL FAILURE TO SECURE THE BORDER AND NO EFFORT TO AMEND THE BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP LAW, HAS PLACED ON ALL AMERICANS A POPULATION OF 340.000 BABIES ANNUALLY--TO BE FINANCIALLY PAID FOR OUT OF TAXPAYERS POCKETS. A bill gathering dust in Congress and sponsored by Steve King’s (R-IA) Birthright Citizenship Act of 2011 (H.R.140) would amend the law so the unborn babies of illegal aliens smuggled calculatedly through borders or by international flight are ineligible for citizenship. A further explanation to amending this part of 14th Amendment, is the less obvious reason? Illegal aliens once they have a foothold in America can then petition the courts for legal status. Although many years may pass once gaining citizenship, they can then partition under the family unification laws, bring even more family members to these lands and like a giant pyramid scheme, just replicates.

Another preference bill is the ‘Legal Workforce Act’ or recognized as mandatory E-Verify program. This current bill, H.R. 2885 can right some massive wrongs and impose ‘Attrition through Enforcement’ guaranteeing that illegal aliens will self deport taking their families with them if no work is available. Taxpayers and jobless workers can expedite this method by stringently complaining to the Federal and State offices of Senators and the Congressional House phone switchboard at 202-224-3121. Do not let them deliberately hold back this law as it will help relieve some of the 22 million unemployed American job seekers. This is a simple, less aggressive and relatively free from taxpayer’s expense, as nationwide employers will no longer be able to skirt this law. There will be no mitigating circumstance as many will see the inside of federal prison cell. Not only has 73 Republicans; mostly fresh Tea Party politicians, but also 3 Democrats have also co-sponsored this imperative bill as to date.

Mitt Romney during a campaign stop in Iowa on New Year’s Eve, the former governor stated that he would veto the so-called DREAM Act if he was president. And as governor of Massachusetts, Romney allowed state troopers to be deputized to help with the enforcement of immigration laws. He also opposed attempts to allow illegal aliens to pay the lower in-state tuition rates at state universities. Although he opposes the DREAM Act, Romney seems open to grant legal residency status to those who serve in the U.S. military.

Rick Santorum throughout his time as senator, Santorum consistently opposed bills that would grant amnesty or other legalization benefits for illegal aliens. He voted against a bill that would have produced a guest worker program with a path to US citizenship for certain illegal aliens. In addition he voted in opposition to a bill that would allow certain illegal aliens to participate in social security system. Rick Santorum also voted in support of constructing a fence along our Southern border and doesn’t believe in amnesty, although he opposes deporting the millions of illegal aliens already residing in the U.S.

Ron Paul has a similar attitude towards illegal immigration, that he opposes Amnesty, but does not support deporting the estimated 20 million plus illegal aliens currently squatting in the U.S. Paul, Like introduced a bill that would amend the 14th Amendment to the Constitution so that children born to non-citizens within the U.S. could not attain automatic citizenship.

Rep. Michele Bachmann of Massachusetts has the best stance on illegal immigration, but unhappily she has stepped down as a presidential candidate. Although Bachman has left the race, she will still carry the banner of the TEA PARTY.  As Senators and House members are regurgitated so to speak for reelection. We must insist that they will follow the laws passed down to us by our founding fathers? Not the Socialist movement by President Obama and his rat patrol, assaulting the sovereign rights of individual states. Every politician should promise to uphold the U.S. Constitution, which is the promise to tens of millions of TEA PARTY members of freedom and liberty. To restrain a government out of control and shrink it; to rewrite the antique current tax code and replacing it with a fair and equitable tax for all and no special advantages for those in power; open up our abundant oil deposits and tell the environmentalists, ‘to put a sock in it.’ Read more about these propagating issues at the NumbersUSA website. You can also investigate these major problems at (FAIR) Federation of American Immigration Reform and a daily exercise in nationwide newspaper editorial at American Patrol. More eye opening reports can be studied at Judicial Watch, a public legal website dealing with the overflowing corruption in the federal government and at state level.

To outline ALL the dangers are both financial and criminal that illegal immigration brings to the Citizens of the United States of America is overwhelming. To provide another "Amnesty" reminiscent of the failed blanket program of 1986, (The Immigration Control and Reform Act that systematically allowed 3 Million illegal aliens to become legitimate.  As according to the defunct Bear-Stearns company report
http://www.steinreport.com/BearStearnsStudy.pdf That in 2005, Bear-Stearns estimated the illegal population near 20 million plus, amongst other mind boggling statistics. IF THE NUMBER OF FOREIGNERS ACROSS THE COUNTRY WAS APPROXIMATELY 20 MILLION IN 2005, THEN WHY IS THE US GOVERNMENT INFORMING US GULLIBLE AMERICANS, THAT THE PRESENT NUMBER OF ILLEGAL MIGRANTS AND IMMIGRANT POPULACE TO BE 11 MILLION PEOPLE TODAY?  Most American recognizes that you cannot trust government demographics and specifically the Liberal Progressives on statistics? Any new Amnesty as discussed by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich will only tempt to bring a wave of illegal immigration like the USA has never seen before. We have always been a ‘Nation of Laws’ as identified in the U.S. Constitution. Although of late, this President has been derelict in his duties, in informing Congress on numerous action he has taken.

Illegal nationals knew the consequence of deportation and that they were breaking laws in our country. All patriotic Americans need to make a stand NOW or the cornucopia of benefits will dwindle for our own people—trying to get back on the feet. Also stop the abuse of the 14th Amendment with the traditional term "Anchor Babies” that must be repealed. It makes it easy to evade current citizenship requirements. Demand that illegal entry becomes a "felony" which will radically reduce attempts to cross the border, or overstay visas. This especially appropriate as the 42 percent of intentional ‘Overstays’ will recognize if they are caught and deported, they cannot return legally for ten years. Additionally we have President Barack Obama questionable association with ACORN, AHCOA (Affordable Housing Centers of America), the renamed ACORN Housing organization which has a long history of corrupt activity, including voter fraud and other illicit association, costing billions of taxpayer dollars. With so much counting on the outcome of the 2011 presidential election, we need to watch for ‘Voter Fraud’ that is bound to happen as illegal aliens have a lot to lose, if Obama is not reelected? Already the Department of Justice minions, are not only suing individual states, but are out to intimidate personages as Sheriff Joe Arpaio. How long will it be, for Liberal radical activists to verbally threaten Sheriff Paul Babeau of Pinal County, Arizona, running for state Representative for his platform on illegal aliens? Whatever Sheriff Joe’s taxpayers have spent defending him, he probably save them a lot more by scaring off illegal aliens and the sewer drug cartels?