Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Stop Illegal Immigration, before it's too late. Jan 15, 2012

Owing to years of incompetence and intentional neglect, illegal immigration is well out of control. The open border and special interests and government bureaucracy have been raining down on the American People, telling us illegal alien entry has dwindled to a trickle across our progressively dangerous border--but what about the 20 million plus already settled here? What about the unfunded mandatory laws and statutes  that the courts have  forced on  taxpayers in supplying public assistance to people who violate the law by crossing borders or over staying a visitors visas? Unfunded mandates are laws promulgated upon State and local governments, or even private entities to perform certain measures, although they provide no cash to fulfill these regulations and therefore born by the U.S. Taxpayer.  Unfunded mandates place an unfair burden on lower levels of government, creating huge, unmanageable expenses for state and city governments. Taxpayers cover the costs of education through k-12 for the children of illegal migrants and immigrants. Taxpayers are also frisked to pay for health care, food stamps, Medicaid, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families for the whole extended families.

An estimated 340, 000 women come here, smuggling unborn babies into America, for intent on placing the expensive burden of upbringing for taxpayers to foot the bill.  Steve King’s (R-IA) Birthright Citizenship Act of 2011 (H.R.140) would amend the law so the unborn babies of illegal aliens smuggled calculatedly through borders or by international flight are ineligible for citizenship.  The cost to hospitals and an array of welfare payments and entitlements is the most costly for US taxpayers totaling billions of more dollars. The current unfunded mandates are over $113 billion a year for other countries poverty.  Now the federal government wants taxpayers to cover a general Amnesty that would cost $2.4 Trillion dollars when completed, while the Democrats and Republican last August tricked the American public by voting for this new rise in the debt ceiling. Don’t be mislead about this spending spree as US Senator Mitch McConnell and majority speaker John Boehner (R-OH) played taxpayers for a bunch of Uneducated idiots, giving President Obama the vote to piece-meal increments of funding to the tune of  $2.4 trillion dollars, instead of severing this money fund. Once again the people have been given the run-around and everybody who voted for raising the debt, should be thrown out of office—including so-called TEA PARTY Representatives who went along with this lie. THE TEA PARTY WILL NOT BE DECEIVED AND LIED TO..


We already have millions of low skilled, many uneducated American workers who remain unemployed in this economic jungle. Every American citizen whether born in the US, or naturalized should be first to be employed, along with legal residents. Lama Smiths E-Verify “the Legal Workforce Act."  At the very least, it is a surefire step in the right direction to obstruct illegal labor from taking American jobs.

Learn the options at NumbersUSA, the Federation of American Immigration Reform (FAIR), Heritage Foundation and alternately study the corruption in Congress and in the State capitals at Judicial Watch. Join the TEA PARTY and fight back, before there is no way back for America? The TEA PARTY does not discriminate any nationality, if you arrived in this nation by—LEGAL MEANS?  THE TEA PARTY will not tolerate another mass Amnesty, Sanctuary Cities, Dream Acts or Chain Migration anymore. We can all stand with our fellow jobless countryman by Calling House and Senate Leadership NOW at 202-224-3121, which is the Capitol Switchboard. Remember illegal aliens are voting and will again in upcoming elections.

Attn: Don’t let the Government a right to free speech? Contact your members of Congress and inform the “PLEASE DON’T CENSOR THE WEB” and demand they crush this law. This law of Freedom of the Internet,” will lead to another law until the bureaucrats take over. Millions of Internet users and entrepreneurs already oppose SOPA and PIPA. Sign the petition on GOOGLE and stop yet another travesty of our laws?

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa needs to get Los Angeles County in order, before he expresses that States are in for heavy deficits in the next fiscal year?  For a start he should demand that ‘Special Order 40” is rescinded, so the police can check the status of around three million illegal aliens soaking up the welfare in that Sanctuary State—which taxpayers bear the weight.

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