Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Following Immigration law. Jan 28, 2012

The countries broke and still businesses manage to acquire annually an estimated 1 million legal immigrants. I cannot except all these new arrivals are people in specialized fields.  Some--I’m sure fit that criteria, but not over a million? These are not even farm workers but technical people from foreign countries who are semi-skilled and these vacancies should be going to Americans? Obama bragged to Congress about more than 3 million U.S. jobs created during the last 22 months. That could have been good news for unemployed Americans.  But during that same period, the Obama administration issued more than 3 million work visas to new immigrants and other foreign workers (more than half of them permanent).  If voters don’t orally storm the stronghold of Congress and insist that politicians follow the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) we will be committing financial suicide.  

Yet billions of dollars are extorted from you payroll check, that encourages even more people to scorn our immigration laws, bringing their poverty with them; adding to even more countrywide poverty.  Neither the democrats and the ultra Left or the Republicans seem to have any sense of loyalty to “We the People” From now until the 2012 election many of these indifferent lawmakers, will be dismissed from office as the American public are incensed? They will be replaced by TEA PARTY CONSTITUTIONALISTS, as we have already seen in the previous midterm elections. The very core of our Constitution is under serious attack, by the White House and the Liberal Progressive Czars.

The E-Verify mandate that is slowly heading for a reading on the House floor is what Mitt Romney alluded to, when he referred to self-deportation? E-verify is no longer limited in scope, but is now well-anchored in thousands of businesses throughout this nation, which I am sure will become the law of the land. It has been subjected to many disappointments, especially from bespectacled Senator Harry Reid and has tried to kill its potential on behalf of both pro-illegal alien interests in Washington. Rep. Jim Matheson (D-Utah) is the fourth Democrat to cosponsored Chairman Lamar Smith's Legal Workforce Act (H.R.2885) that would require 100% of businesses to use E-Verify within two years. The bill also requires all federal, state, and local governments to E-Verify their entire workforce. In the State of the Union” address yesterday president

‘The Legal Workforce Act ‘commonly known as Mandatory E-Verify. This is a federal computer generated program allowing business owner to detect the majority of the illegal aliens already hired and reject them from the job market or suffer harsh sanctions that does not exclude prison time. This is ATTRITION THROUGH ENFORCEMENT and SELF-DEPORTATION. No job-they are going home.  Plus “The Birthright Citizenship Act” to stop the inducement of bringing unborn infants into the country, that provides free welfare, education and health care.

Why should the states of Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Utah be terrorized by the Department of Justice morons and the Obama Liberal Czars over the policing policy to decline the illegal alien invaders, when in actual fact numerous administrations are to blame for this abuse of the States and handing out free welfare.

BE WARNED THAT NON-CITIZENS HAVE BEEN VOTING AND CERTAINLY WILL AGAIN IN FUTURE ELECTIONS ESPECIALLY SINCE THE ACORN ORGANIZATION HAS APPEARED AGAIN UNDER ASSUMED NAMES THAT INCLUDE “PROJECT VOTE.” Every voter should possess official picture ID to vote?  Become acquainted NumbersUSA and learn about the billions of dollars taken from taxpayers in unfunded mandates by pandering to illegal aliens. ONLY U.S. VOTERS CAN SAVE JOBS FOR THEMSELVES AND THE 22 MILLION CITIZENS AND LAWFUL RESIDENTS WITH “Green Cards.”

The TEA PARTY does not isolate any race or nationality as the Liberal media would like you to believe. It just requests the 1986 Immigration law (IRCA) enforced and not altered to pander to illegal migrants and immigrants.