Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Where does the money go? Dec 29, 2011

Remember this point of fact about the illegal immigration invasion? Some illegal aliens do pay taxes using either a stolen Social Security numbers, or an IRS number known as an ITIN number. A substantial motivation is they have no choice, if they want to get on a payroll job? Then according to the 'Heritage Foundation' the amount of $113 Billion dollars goes to subsidize illegal aliens from taxpayers and every year that amount is rising. As released by the IRS, illegal immigrants are returned 4.5 Billion in child/parent tax credits. Then in conclusion, the foreign invaders send out of the country annually to foreign banks, between 40-46 billion dollars. Yes! They do pay taxes, but it hardly decreases the money extorted from federal and state taxpayers for children of illegal aliens. The education, the massive health care deficit and an overpopulated prison system filled with drug dealers, murderers, rapists, pedophiles and other human offal.

Hopefully the Attorney General's of all 50 states will necessitate in urgently checking signatures of new people registering to vote. They should also check for authenticity, of absentee ballots that are easy to forge. What is needed is to carefully check for illegal aliens and other non citizens, who vote-- either intentionally or slyly engineered by the Liberal media, Unions and Democrat potential politicians. In the incoming elections of State, gubernatorial, county and municipal elections the system could be compromised, especially in close races. States--classified as Sanctuary states, California, Nevada and New York to name but a few, that ignore federal immigration enforcement, need to be scrutinized carefully for fraudulent votes. Close races are especially vulnerable to non-citizens voting in the electoral cycles 

Acorn and its benefactors are still very potent and although supposedly prosecuted in 11 states are still alive and well; a peril to the national voting system. ILLEGAL ALIENS DO VOTE AND CITIZENS MUST BE ALERT FOR IRREGULARITIES. Learn from websites like NumbersUSA, American Patrol, Judicial Watch, and Federation of Immigration Reform and Center for Immigration Studies. Study about the corruption and rot that's spread through Washington for decades. Be aware that we must safeguard our liberties, Freedoms against Liberal-Socialist judges who enact their own laws from the bench and ignore the 'Rule of law? A good example is the 9th circuit court of San Francisco that needs to be removed.
Our federal immigration laws are so lax, that unlike other countries-- we do not track those international passengers who overstay their visa, or smuggle themselves past the US border Patrol. Agents at the border have no means to see if the illegal migrant or immigrant is pregnant, so once past the entry terminal they can then receive free natal care and citizenship entitlements for the new born baby. It is estimated that 340.000 babies are slipped into America annually, with a massive cost to all taxpayers.

Lama Smiths E-Verify “the Legal Workforce Act."  At the very least, it is a step in the right direction to obstruct illegal labor from taking American jobs.  Even if E-Verify has some flaws and some illegal aliens can obtain employment, it won't last very long before new upgraded version of E-Verify will be able to detect criminal alien workers. ICE has already gained the implementation of Mississippi’s Drivers Licensing Bureau, so as citizens WE SHOULD DEMAND THAT EVERY STATE VEHICLE DEPARTMENT GIVE ICE THE DIRECTIVE TO ACCESS THEIR PHOTO ID DATABASES, TO CROSS REFERENCE WITH ALL HIRED WORKERS BEING CONFIRMED USING E-VERIFY.  Those hired illegally will be caught eventually when the irregularities are corrected and ICE auditors return to a previous company. It's better to have something as a deterrent, than to have nothing at all.   

Join the TEA PARTY and fight back, before there is no way back? The TEA PARTY does not discriminate any nationality, if you arrived in this nation by—LEGAL MEANS? We can all stand with our fellow jobless countryman by Calling House and Senate Leadership NOW at 202-224-3121, which is the Capitol Switchboard.