Friday, August 5, 2011

-2009 December 5, 2007 2:25 AM EST


The annual cost to taxpayers is about $22 billion a year according to Center for Immigration Studies and the tax burden will grow -- because 15 million more immigrants are set to arrive by year 2017 according to their latest research.

When Illegal Aliens are deported to their own countries:

1. Our Federal & State Welfare cost will decrease by Billions & State our tax Receipts will increase by billions
2. Our crime & cost, both in money and human suffering will take a Hugh drop down
3. Our schools will make a great improvement in the education of our children & cost decrease
4. Innovation will increase
5. Medical care will improve and cost will go down
6. Insurance cost will decrease
7. The increase in wages & the 60 billion currently going out of country now will create a large increase in demand for goods and services & new businesses and expanding business & our economy will soar
8. Even business that think they must have Slave labor to survive will find they are more profitable & new revenues & sources for profits will increase. (As Henry Ford discovered if he wanted to sell cars he must pay a livable wage so people could afford his cars)
9.. Our standard of living will go up
10.. But maybe the most important benefit will be stopping the influx of Illegal Aliens with their Loyally to other Nations & hate for all things American, that if left unchecked will tear our society apart!
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