Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lamar Smith's 'Legal Workforce Act', known as H.R.2164 8/1/2011

Are the lawmakers going to remain dumb like rows of Headhunters trophies with their lips stitched together on reducing illegal migrants and immigrants? Just one presidential candidate has the backbone to stand up against political propaganda, having the conviction to address this monolithic problem. That personage is Rep. Michele Bachmann, Caucus leader of the TEA PARTY and the only one who dares to establish a connection between the rapidly rising Treasury debt ceiling and the evermore support of the illegal aliens, who are congested schools, health care and millions of inroads to free programs, enacted by Liberals on Capitol hill. We as a country by keep on giving Citizens-legal residents entitlements to the invaders, will seed even more to come here. Churches especially an religious groups should stay out of this political morass, because the majority of Americans are angry from being forced to pay in supporting illegal aliens.

The most progressive enforcement in 30 years will soon be debated in Washington and that is Chairman Lamar Smith's 'Legal Workforce Act', known as H.R.2164. Known nationwide as E-Verify to the business community and the general public equally, it must be enacted as a mandatory measure. This is a SELF-DEPORT MECHANISM FOR ILLEGAL WORKERS, that is simple, electronic and with no cost to the business world.  Of course like anything else, the Leftist advocacy groups have tried to tear it apart, but mostly to no avail. Originally, when it came up for a vote over a year ago, good old Senator Harry Reid nearly got it tabled, but it squeezed through to the dismay of all his big corporate contributors and that was when the American public paid attention to it as a deterrent. Smith’s new law would reinstate the no-match letter program to help identify the 7 million illegal aliens currently holding non-agriculture jobs. Yes! There is always a need for high profile professional workers. No! We cannot support the poor other other nations, specially when our own desperate are suffering. It would require most employers to use E-Verify within two years of enactment. Large employers, federal, state, and local agencies and federal and state contractors would need to comply within six months.

The only problem that I see is safeguards for the State of Arizona law, along with Georgia, Alabama, and other States that have enacted laws ahead of H.R.2164.
WILL THESE STATE LAWS BE COMPROMISED BY A FEDERAL LAW? After the apprehension that Arizona was losing its shirt as upwards of $2 Billion, 569 Million annually from subsidizing the waves of illegal aliens coming across the unsecured border. (FAIR’S analysis.) This was the inception of the struggling American people's peaceful revolt, against Capitol Hill, and each of the 50 States being crippled by foreign national’s fingers in the financial pie. Not just from those stealing across our borders, but the 40 percent that takes in their mind, to illegally immigrate through airports arrivals or even from entering by boat or ferry. The United States has had an open border for way too long, and now with the crippling recession the whole illegal alien invasion has catapulted into one of the main political issues today. INTERESTING ENOUGH, THAT WHEN E-VERIFY BECOMES A PERMANENT LAW, HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS WILL BE ON THEIR WAY HOME TO SOME OTHER NATION. BUT THE SECOND REVELATION IS, THEY WILL TAKE THEIR KIDS WITH THEM AND EMPTYING OUT OUR STATES OVERLOADED SCHOOL SYSTEM AND SAVING BILLIONS IN TAXPAYER MONEY.
The Legal Workforce Act (H.R.2164) would:
  • Phase in E-Verify over three years, starting with the largest companies first.
  • Require the Social Security Administration (SSA) to target illegal aliens using fake social security numbers by sending out “no match” letters to employers if the name and social security number of a current employee do not match. Requires the employer to check those employees through E-Verify after receiving a “no match” letter.
  • Require SSA to send a yearly notification to each owner of a social security number that has multiple employers reporting income to that number indicating that the number may have been stolen and is being used by illegal aliens. Requires employers to run through E-Verify those employees who are likely to have stolen the number from the legitimate owner.
  • Establish a phone verification system as an alternative to using the electronic system.
  • Require the use of E-Verify for those contracted at day labor sites and other referral or recruitment services.
  • Protect employers who use the system in good faith from liability if the system makes an error on eligibility.
  • Protect states’ and localities’ authority to revoke business licenses of employers who fail to use E-Verify as required by this Act.
  • Significantly increases the penalties for employers who refuse to use the system, or who intentionally try to game it. The fines levied can be up to $25,000 per unauthorized worker and a minimum one-year prison sentence may be imposed on an employer who engages in a “pattern or practice” of violations.
  • Require SSA to lock the use of social security numbers when it is being used by someone other than the rightful owner, when the owner has violated immigration laws and been ordered to leave the country, or when the owner’s temporary visa has expired.

Only the true TEA PARTY leadership was borne from what is wrong with either the Leftist-Democrats or the far right Republicans. Like the Phoenix from the ashes of ultra Right, the Tea Party is a revolution for all citizens and legal immigrants, no matter their race or religious doctrine. They have watched their nation’s money being squandered in massive spending fiasco by the Obama administration, by the Bush presidency and others before him. The day of reckoning is upon us, with a massive $14.5 Trillion dollars deficit that is coming to a festering head now, and yet Liberals are pressing for another Amnesty. Under the Tea Party, a wing of the Republicans that have promised there will never be another amnesty, of which the 1986 giant citizenship law a fraudulent embarrassment. Its outcome was to drown all Americans in a 20 million plus population of foreigners without papers. Be mindful of the behemoth monetary consequences of any new immigration Reform packages, the Dream Act and the materialization of more Sanctuary Cities, has accelerated CHAIN MIGRATION, yearly. This is another expenditure that is added to federal and State deficits that is costing all taxpayers. However, the Tea Party is here to stay and will never retreat from the people's interests, which extends to cutting out-of-control spending and a irrational tax system that is fair to everybody, with no loopholes for the wealthy.

One of the most critical points that must be addressed, is non-citizens voting in our elections. In polling places and registration verifications, we must scrutinize carefully the voting rolls for all irregularities. Illegal Aliens have been voting and will again using mostly ABSENTEE BALLOTS.The Democrat Left progressives see no Constitutional differences in who votes in the United States.
The secret is out that farmers want the same tired situation, of illegal immigrant workers just jumping the fence to pick their crops. What the farmers and the giant agri-corporate companies don't release to the taxpayers, that they are--NOT--paying for the illegal workers health care and education for their children. It's a simple solution, when an illegal worker gets sick, is to dump that person on the hospital steps or a pregnant wife in the same location. Farmers and the agrarian community want it both ways, cheap labor--but they expect the taxpayers to pay federal and State taxes  for all their nice free welfare programs. The Tea Party will end these travesties of our laws, so find a local group who believe in fair taxes for everybody, less government influence in our daily lives and a reduction in agencies in the US government. Learn more honest details at NumbersUSA.