Friday, August 5, 2011

ABC News Apr 30, 2010 9:13:21 PM

Seems President Obama administration is sending the 5000 Nation Guard to assist in cleaning up the oil spill. Seem we can spend a--TRILLION--dollars in 2009, with troops and infrastructure in Iraq and Afghanistan? BUT OUR GOVERNMENT WONT PROTECT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, WITH A MILITARIZED ARMED PICKET LINE ALONG THE BORDER. How come they can use taxpayers money to fight foreign wars and protect people abroad, but they will not protect Americans from drug cartels and illegal alien smugglers? Who can offer a logical answer to this--QUESTION?
The lies have reflected back on the politicians pushing for another outrageous mass Amnesty, as the separating fence between Mexico and the US, should have been 2 barriers. NOT ONE? With security patrolling tracks in the middle. But instead we got a fence that doesn't exist in many places, where drug pedestrians and illegal aliens can slip through with ease. Some illegal aliens enter our sovereign nation to work, but millions find its simple to get free hand-outs from Liberal run state assemblies. A million members at NumberUSA are waiting for you to join and fight back against another BLANKET AMNESTY with--FREE FAXES. Find out who is Pro-Amnesty in Washington or in a state capitol.
Immediate news just Released: Lone deputy was shot with an AK47, in a drug smugglers area of Pinal county, Arizona.