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Las Vegas Sun 1/18/08 at 11:29 a.m. to 1/15/08 at 6:36 p.m.

Comments by user: Brittanicus

Having lived in Las Vegas for over a year I know there is a large population of illegal foreign nationals, employed by the casino'a and the entertainment industry. Hopefully there is enough supervision to detect at the Nevada caucases illegal voting. The culinary union which I belonged to has thousands of workers, who are not legally in this nation and will without hesitation break any law to gain an advantage. According to the 2006 U.S. census, it is estimated there are 610,000 Latino's in Nevada. Voting is a citizens right, a privilege given to us by the U.S. Constitution. Looks like advocate judges are interpreting the law, as they see fit. Example allowing Caucases to be acceptable in a gambling Casino, where illegal aliens voting would be a travesty of our Democratic process. Does the law of Perjury apply in a Caucase environment, when it come to voting for a presidential nominee?
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Every State matters in this period of our Democratic process? However, it must be carefully investigated for voter fraud? Will the state of Nevada have an issue with the population of illegal aliens voting? According to a official report, all an individual has to do to caste a vote is to sign an affidavit of being a citizen. When you break the sovereign laws of the United States, what makes us think their will not violate our voting laws. Tell me who is going to authenticate this travesty of our Constitutional right, if foreign nationals wish to transgress our voting laws? With Nevada having a huge showing of illegal foreign nationals, it will be interesting to see the political impact. This 2008 election will have a massive adverse effect on the rights and privileges of true Americans. According to an estimate of the Pew Hispanic Center, in 2005 there were an estimated 150,000 to 200,000 illegal aliens living in Nevada This estimate ranks 15th among illegal alien populations in the United States for the PEW estimate. FAIR estimates in 2004 that the taxpayers of Nevada spent $321.1 million per year on illegal aliens and their children in public schools.
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