Friday, August 5, 2011

Arizona Capitol Times May 31st, 2011 at 3:55 pm

“Dreaming up immigration nightmares for a price”

Senator Marco Rubio of Florida is not the major activist against illegal immigration, for the TEA PARTY. That’s one of the most serious issues on their agenda for the 2012 election. Any TEA PARTY leader, who is not, will be quickly removed. Minnesota Republican Michele Bachmann and Tea Party sweetheart is a major contender in revitalizing the massive, out-of-control problem. Kentucky Republican Rand Paul, a freshman and tea party favorite is ready to fight the illegal immigrant invasion. Whether it’s Utah or some other State, economic illegal aliens will soon head your way to Sanctuary Cities or even States like California. Those State legislators not implementing E-Verify or Secure Communities will be crucified in 2012.
Millions of American workers nationwide may soon be beholden to State Senator Pierce and Governor Brewer, as not being intimidated by Liberal extremists. By pushing into a fast track of E-Verify to the Supreme Court. Californians Proposition 187 was toppled and engineered to not reach the high court of the land, that would have certainly saved billions of dollars for taxpayers burdened heavily with entitlements for illegal foreign national households. Another problem we have is Stolen and fraudulent ID, which has been proven to be used to alter the direction of elections. Arizona is clamping down on bogus ID hard, by not accepting foreign ID that has been allowed by some States to provide bank accounts. Same as ITIN IRS numbers that also provides a sense of legitimatized, but has been used in child tax refund fraud.
Illicit Companies and open border interests are just one cause of financial fall of America. Democratic leaders discounted the Tea Party and measured them as nothing more than a small group of discontents. The GOP, on the other hand, understood that it wasn’t and were smart enough to encourage them into their party. People have been wondering for a long time, who Congress works for? The American people or big business lobby? That question is simply answered, when the United States, unlike other nations doesn’t make it a felony to trespass on to our sovereign territory. Decades of complete brain oblivion–intentional or not on the part of both political parties in Congress, has cost us millions of US jobs, lowering of wage, and higher taxes specifically in the lower working classes. We are forced to pay for their children’s education, the whole household’s health care and many well concealed programs by government. Illegal aliens are just that illegal. They are robbing the taxpayer, where they came from Asia, Europe or Central and South America.
While Americans are in foreclosure, cars reprocessed and unable to pay their bills, there are an estimated 8 million gainfully employed. Illegal aliens are still pouring across the border or flying from other nations and are not being tracked as in Mexico. The Third Party will stem this illegal economic occupation once and for all. The Tea Party will not vote for any new Amnesties, better labeled as Immigration Reform. The People’s power is omnipotent, but we must stand together against many entities who are only interested in profit and exploitation. We can join NumbersUSA and band together by demanding a–MANDATORY E-VERIFY–nationwide, from our federal, State representatives or call Senate—202-224–3121/ House—202-225–3121.