Friday, August 5, 2011

Tucson Sentinel Oct 26, 2010, 8:01 pm to Oct 26, 2010, 8:03 pm

Mark my words, by the end of this election, illegal aliens will be checking senator Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi and even Jerry Brown? The new administration better take note on the public’s fury of any Liberal impersonating a Dem delivering AMNESTY, to the 13 to 20 million illegal foreigners over here is—dead meat. They have been brain-washed to believe that this seventh AMNESTY isn’t going to cost the taxpayers—ANYTHING. But ask Robert Rector, Chief analyst at the Heritage Foundation that taxes will go up, to pay the 2.6 TRILLION dollar bill. Slowly this federal government is growing and spreading and we can only hope that the Tea Party candidates will begin reduction in this monstrosity. At least the 9th circuit has determined that this economic-stressed State of Arizona has the judicial right to request eligible forms of ID.
That doesn’t mean a utility bill, but a driver’s license or some other government picture ID that can be verified? During the 1986 Amnesty for the Guest workers and illegal entrants into America, a proffered a simple simple utility bill that was enough for the US government as proof of working here for a year. Illegal aliens were churning out apartment leases and selling them, to just about anybody. It was a huge fraud on the American public and a clever ruse by both political parties.
Oct 26, 2010, 8:03 pm
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So what do you expect with the 9 th District court? There a bunch of ultra Liberal boot-licker’s from the Clinton era. God help this country if the left crazies get a foothold into our young kids, like the Tides foundation and George Soros to turn this America in to an socialist extremist society. We are already having our free Speech eroded away, by this crank “politically Correct” mantra. Thank heavens for the Tea Party of which I am a member, which is propagating to bring integrity to the voting system. I hope Jan Brewer and State Senator Peirce follows through and appeals it, eventually reaching SCOTUS. What we need is a non-counterfeit pic ID so that illegal aliens cannot vote in any election, as they are stealing our most sacred right from citizens and naturalized citizens. It’s happened many times before with the ultra Liberal media hiding it away from the public eye. Just as they urinate on the truth and use rhetoric and downright lies to mislead the American population.

Than as for the insidious, 9th federal circuit court?  It’s in the Liberal stronghold of San Francisco, a well branded Sanctuary City. This is a State where illegal alien gang members executed a father and two children, with a AK47 and never even faced the death penalty, thanks to Liberal prosecutors in the city. Just Google-Yahoo or your favorite search engine and enter the keywords—Voter Fraud. It’s already begun in Houston, Texas where thousands of registrations have been rejected. Doesn’t this all mirror—the ACORN CONSPIRACY. Then just today in Clarke County, Nevada voters became very suspicious of already check- marked Senator Harry Reid, when their intent was to vote for Tea Party candidate Sharron Angle? You can go back years using your browser news and check out the archives on—Voter Fraud. I repeat, the liberal editors when scorning my commentary, that there is no voter fraud.