Saturday, August 6, 2011


Now imminent--is for all Americans citizens and permanent aliens to stand by their own unemployed workers, and direct all of Congress to enact the Legal Workforce Act, H.R. 2164. Congress will be recess in August so this law must vote on, before the ending of this month. We cannot afford to delay this law, which will make businesses obey this law governing the hiring of illegal immigrants nationwide. Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith (R-TX) who authored this new piece of legislation must have it before the House of Representatives for a floor vote, to make it mandatory for every company to cross-check every new potential employee, to see if they have a right to work in these United States. With 13 million jobless Americans looking to be hired, when it is estimated that more than 8 million foreigners who are presently in illegally employed.

CBS News divulged a disturbing survey that millions of Black Americans are living with depression-era unemployment rates and their only choice is government support. Unemployment rates are high among almost every class of worker, especially among Citizens, legal residence, of Blacks, Hispanics, and teenagers who are hurting the most. This is a patriotic chance to help your fellow unemployed countryman by Calling House Leadership NOW Call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask for the "Speaker of the House's office" or the "House Majority Leader's office.

This is a very distasteful situation but birthright citizens and legal non-citizen individuals have a right to be employed over foreign nationals. You can also call the direct lines by dialing: 
  • House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) -- 202-225-0600
  • House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) -- 202-225-4000
The 1986 Immigration amnesty cause and effect was a 6 million plus overflow of foreign nations, that the law culminated in fraudulent applications and a failure of the government to allow many to achieve citizenship, without full FBI criminal background checks.  This was the inception of CHAIN MIGRATION, as family members poured in through the naturalized citizen. After a time thousands of parents were no longer supported, that lead them to the welfare lines, SSI and Medicaid and Medicare, without previously paying into the Social Security system.  In the last 25 years America has seen craftily hidden small amnesties, further Chain Migrations, Instant citizenship for babies of illegal aliens and the outlay of tens of billions of dollars for the support of all these people. Legal! Yes! But it must come to an abrupt end, as we have now racked up $14.5 Trillion dollars in uncontrollable debt.

Both parties must carry the can for this reckless use of taxpayers’ money and the extortion of the IRS, literary stealing money from your payroll check. Those who enter our country illegally can never pay their fair share of taxes, as most are education illiterate and although they might buy commodities, pay rent or a car. Most of the money is returned in the way of child refund taxes or federal refunds. This is of course if they are taxed at all, or are paid below the table. According to the expert analysis by the Heritage Foundation $113 Billion dollars annually go to supply illegal aliens with welfare, food stamps at just the federal level. Billions more dollars are depleted from State coffers, that also go to supporting illegal aliens and their extended families. Any new Amnesty that is being clandestinely being debated behind closed doors carries a massive incredulous burden for taxpayers of 2.6 Trillion dollars.

Our education performance is failing grimly from the millions of illegal aliens who unable to speak English, taking attention from overworked teachers in overcrowded schools. Emergency rooms too are subject to daily crowds of uninsured foreign nationals and their many children with the consequences of hospital closing across the Border States of unpaid medical fees. These are mostly unfunded mandates caused by Liberal judges, prior to these mass populations of people pouring through the undermanned border regions. Unless the American people vote Obama out of office, re-seat the Senate with Tea Party members, our highways will become even further congested. The illegal aliens criminals coming here will spiral, adding to  a crammed prison system.  Go and really check  websites as NumbersUSA, Judicial Watch, California for Population Stabilization and hundreds of grass root organizations, who see the 2012 election that will for evermore change this country into a second rate nation; unless we vote for the TEA PARTY of moderation.

 This once again is a projection of the non-profit conservative think tank of the Heritage foundation. This certainly makes absolutely no logical sense to the majority of the American people, unless you are a Liberal Progressive or far to the left Democrat. Stop this absurdity by joining "The Real Peoples" Party, the moderate Conservatives, and the US TEA PARTY. It maybe our only chance to cut off Obama's uncontrolled spending fiasco. In 2012 this will either be a further nightmare of “Tax and spend" by the infestation of Liberal extremists in the Democratic Party. Or the Party of moderation to lighten the load of taxpayers, cut off the purse strings in Washington's. The poverty of other countries is not our concern, as unfortunately many nations are dictatorships. It is time to fend for our own, as America cannot afford to import impoverished people. Only the TEA PARTY leadership has the guts to really seal our borders, track visa over-stays and introduce every tool of enforcement to encourage illegal aliens to stay home and change their own countries policies.
Farmers do not pay their fair share, to cover illegal alien workers. It’s easy for farmers to dump their hires at the steps of the emergency room, which includes wives and children. Just as easy is to place children in the schools, with no consideration of the consequences to taxpayers. Then those families, who break away and move to the main stream of US workers at the low spectrum end with little or no education, are supplied amply with Social services. Babies born here automatically become citizens and families use this as a foothold to stay here and well able to live of a $600.00 payment for each child, plus welfare in food stamps and low income housing. Its hard to substantiate giving free hand outs to illegal alien households, when States curb livable cash payments to senior citizens who must exist on fixed incomes.
Even while Washington debates raising the Federal debt ceiling; the majority of States are combating their own worse nightmare of financial deficits. Taxpayers should check the connection between the rising tax increases and illegal immigration. California is classed as a Sanctuary state and being ground into the ground, by Liberals in Sacramento who find no sacrifice is enough, to keep taxing its residents to support the ever increasing population of illegal immigrants. Los Angeles Supervisor Michael Antonovich told reporters in 2009: “When you add this to $550 million for public safety and nearly $500 million for health care, the total cost for illegal immigrants to county taxpayers exceeds $1.6 billion dollars a year — not including the hundreds of millions of dollars for education.” In 2003, the American Southwest saw 77 hospitals enter bankruptcy due to unpaid medical bills incurred by illegal aliens.
All Amercans  should call the U.S. House Judiciary Committee who votes today (Thursday) on what would be the first law to REDUCE immigration since 1924!!!! Remember, the most important thing is to REDUCE overall immigration numbers. It is those astronomical numbers (one million legal immigrants a year) that drive most of our immigration problems in terms of jobs, the environment, and congestion and government costs.
"Most of the amendments would just re-allocate the lottery visas to other categories. The effect would be the same number of immigrant workers competing with unemployed Americans.  
Attn: Today, more than ever before illegal aliens are violating our the integrity of "Citizens Only" federal, State, County and Municipal elections. It is shameful that in our future 2012 Presidential election, we must have oversight from mediators, to check those who are registering through official picture ID.  Election commissions can no longer gaurantee that our most sacred right of the Citizens vote has not been compromised.ACORN, that is supposedly dismantled has reappeared under another entity who in previous registrations violated federal law, and criminal reviews being conducted by 12 States. To learn more about rampant voter fraud type into Google Heritage Foundation, voter fraud and be made aware of this growing disturbing trend.example, During the congressional races in Southern California between Republican Brian Bilbray and Democrat Francine Busby, Busby was secretly recording telling a full house of Latino illegal and legal immigrants that they didn't need "papers."  It was obvious from this meaning, that she was referring to identification in voting. Voter Fraud by illegal aliens  up to now has been ignored  by government and the media. But New York, New Jersey, Texas, Colorado are under strict official scrutiny at this time.

What the DREAM ACT lobbyists keep concealed?

Its not the question of passing THE DREAM ACT that is the problem? Its the cause and effect afterwards of sponsorship of family members. It could accelerate hundreds of thousands of mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters to pour into our nation. Sponsors eventually don't honor their commitment to financially support those they originally sponsored, so the burden falls upon the backs of taxpayers. Millions of old folk who came here under the surety of their sponsor, and are now being subsidized by SSI and Medicaid or Medicare--which they never, ever paid into. Eventually the DREAM ACT for students will cost Taxpayers billions of dollars, to cater with families. Learn more at NumbersUSA