Saturday, August 6, 2011

Chain Migration 7/18/2011 7:48 PM

Notably the gargantuan problem with illegal immigration, both illegal and illegal is CHAIN MIGRATION. It stems from the initial legitimized individual who attains citizenship can then sponsor family members. Family consists of Wife or Husband, Child under 21and unmarried all all have immediate admittance into the US. A US Citizen can also sponsor a son or daughter who is 21 years old or over, a married son or daughter of any age, and a brother or sister, who falls into the DERIVATIVE  category. The derivative classification has a waiting period of many years as it takes to process. The sponsors will need to demonstrate adequate income or assets to support the intending immigrant, and accept legal responsibility for financially supporting their family member, by completing and signing a document called an Affidavit of Support. Sponsoring these family members is all well intentioned and good, but the main issue comes when the sponsor, who must an sign an affidavit of financial support, intentionally or for what ever reason fails to honor his commitment.

 This part of immigration law, is hardly ever enforced so the recipients, have little choice but to apply for welfare assistance from the State and municipal government. The bottom line for any mass amnesty or as recorded Immigration Reform, gives those who are naturalized the right to petition (Form I-130 Petition for alien Relative) for their whole family, to legally enter America. But hundreds of thousands these petitions millions are processed and this has become an escalation of CHAIN MIGRATION, since the 1986. After the  Hart/ Celler Act  of 1965 when the  the Bracero Program was disbanded, the incentives and effects of chain migration perpetuated undocumented immigration to the United States. In America the term 'chain migration' is used to partially explain why legal immigration has quadrupled from levels during the 1960s. As such, 'chain migration' is held up as one of the causes of the United States' current immigrant population explosion.
NumbersUSA, a group that lobbies Congress for lower levels of immigration, states that, “one of the chief culprits in America's current record-breaking population boom and all the attendant sprawl, congestion, school overcrowding, and other impacts that reduce American's quality of life. NumbersUSA cites the tradition of chain migration to America as a main cause for creating incentives for undocumented immigration.
NumbersUSA, FAIR, and other groups are working to change immigration law to limit chain migration favor. NumbersUSA cites a specific bill it supports. “On Feb. 4, 2009, Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-GA) introduced the Nuclear Family Priority Act (H.R. 878). The bill would eliminate the extended family visa categories (e.g., married sons and daughters of citizens, etc.), thus ending “chain migration” as recommended by the bi-partisan Barbara Jordan Commission in 1997.

Today, passage of the Dream Act is cause for worry or any kind of  mass  Immigration Reform,  would jeopardize the minimum of entrances  to the US, through CHAIN MIGRATION. One point to this quandary, is America is in a major deficit problem, that has risen to new heights of $14.5 Trillion dollars under President obama's signature hand. Simply put, we cannot afford to be the breadwinner for the rest of the world anymore. If we haven't the cash anymore to pay the Chinese Investors and others, how can we afford an Amnesty estimated to cost $2.6 Trillion dollars.Never mind the original giant Amnesty of the 1986 Immigration Control and reform Act, cost only 76 Billion dollars. This is just a projection of the Census Bureaus 11 million illegal aliens who have homesteaded here. But most activist organizations are of the opinion, there are more than 20 million living illegally in the US.

In this dragging recession how can Democrats, even discuss such an issue? Have the liberal progressives lost their minds, when their are 13 million American out of a job? It's too incomprehensible,  to even conceive such an awful situation for the lower income workers having to compete with this new source of potential hires? The majority of illegal aliens today are-ECONOMIC; they are here for their share of discretionary spending at Federal, State or Municipal level