Friday, August 5, 2011 Two weeks back

Arizona Launches $50 Million Border Wall Campaign, as Education and Health Care Falter

Donate to the Arizona fence and save Arizona from ECONOMIC
illegal aliens

Although the Arizona border fence is not the one originated
by the Bush administration signed into law, the fence is a least another
enforcement tool to safeguard the State from drug and people trafficker's,
along with the meandering tracks of thousands of illegal aliens. The Secure
Fence act was initially a double layer fence running parallel with each other,
separated by a no-man’s land in between. The 1000 yard space in between would
be the rapid movement of the US Border Patrol and immigration agents. The
border fence still remains uncompleted, so it’s still open to illegal commerce
and has been surveyed over certain lengths of time by the ‘American Patrol’ pro-sovereignty
organization in their private aircraft. Their website has up to date recent
evaluations, that the border still is wide open and in some cases on Bureau of
Land Management, Fish and Game and environmentalist critics have halted access
to patrolling agents.

There are also spotters for  drug cartels situated on top of high areas, which
have full view of agents working and report to criminals how to skirt these apprehension
activities. Arizona deserves a maximum safety fence; even if the federal
government has refused to discharge their obligations to the ranchers and

Of late the deaths of several ranchers and the murder of a US Border Agent, has
caused a caustic relationship between Arizona Senators, but Homeland Security
have stated that over a hundred more border officers have met their end?
The need is great for Arizona to achieve the construction, either through
government aid or as being recognized now on a website where ordinary Americans
can donate their hard earned money.  Because of the Federal Government's
absence of urgency to stop this occupation, the State of Arizona signed into
law SB 1406. This legislation established a website for the purpose of raising
funds through donations from the general public, businesses, and corporations
across the this nation in an attempt to finance and finish building the border
fence. It makes no common sense from the people of America, why the hard-wire
political leaders to complete this barrier.

Americans have proved through numerous polls that they want this nation border
secure, not just from--ECONOMIC--illegal migrants, but from OTM (Other Than
Mexican), these others are from unfriendly countries, that have paid money to
the drug cartels to smuggle them across the border. An oversight Homeland
Security in a report stated that foreign nationals from Syria, Iran, Iraq,
Lebanon, and Pakistan, who have connections to Al Qaeda have already arrived
here. It seems that they have undergone a change through Hispanic fraudulent
documents, to change their names, appearance and learning to speak Spanish.

My guess Congress will only take urgent notice, when there is another massacre
on our soil. Our future can only be decided by us, in the coming election. By
going to the NumbersUSA website, you can observe for yourself politicians who
are committed to keep the borders porous. ALL Tea Party members who are now a
large majority in the House are convinced that illegal immigration must be
reduced, the--REAL FENCE--built, the implementation of enforcement tools
that includes the greatly improved E-Verify, to force illegal aliens out of the
job market and Secure Communities, which identifies criminal aliens through
fingerprints sent to Homeland Security. The Tea Party that stretches into the
millions now of ordinary citizens and green card holders, will not accept any
Immigration Reform, recognized as another Amnesty, followed by an
overpopulation concept of CHAIN MIGRATION.

The Dream Act can activate yet another mass CHAIN MIGRATION, that all
eventually calculated spurs a pyramid scheme of thousands upon thousands of
families, as did the 1986 Immigration Control and Reform.  Act. Since 1986
Act, the largest group that come here, never paid a penny into welfare, Social
Security and Pensions that taxpayers have  been paying ever since.
There is a huge outlay for illegal immigrants that ranges from billions into
the Trillions, for another Amnesty.  The Tea PARTY has the--ONLY--answers
to engorged government, less taxes and responsibility to Americans and not
Foreign Nationals, who have invaded our country. American should not have to
compete with unwelcome people from other countries, from across the worlds,
which come here to have babies and stealing discretionary entitlements
from legal immigrants and citizens. The Tea Party will change laws,
to punish foreigners who enter this land without permission, severely; just
like Mexico and other governments. The Tea Party will amend the 1986
Immigration law, to make it substantially easy for exceptional people with
profession skills, to get special visas; including entrepreneurs.

Arizona needs our help and those not content with the governments excuses for
not constructing the REAL DOUBLE FENCE--can donate to the website at: https://www.buildtheborderfenc...  Organizers in the State Legislature, which
created the fund the initial goal is to raise some $50 million to get the work
underway. As with the previous alert for donations for combating the (ACLU) American
Civil Liberties Union filings, of objections to policing laws with the federal
court, the money will definitely start rolling in.

 say it will allow
average Americans angry and frustrated with the inability of Washington to
address the problem of illegal immigration to contribute personally. Of course
Leftist Janet Napolitano, the secretary of homeland security, expressed doubts
about the effectiveness of physical barriers at the border, using the old
diatribe about the 51 foot ladder. However, that illegal alien scaling a
ladder, but being confronted by Concertina Razor wire would certainly attain a
different response. The radical organization La Raza, funded by George Soros, a
Marxist who has openly wants America to come under the influence of
International law, would make waves about civil rights. Not mentioning that 8
million or more, illegal aliens have been occupying American jobs.