Saturday, August 6, 2011

What the DREAM ACT lobbyists keep concealed?

It’s not the question of passing THE DREAM ACT that is the problem? It’s the cause and effect afterwards of sponsorship of family members. It could accelerate hundreds of thousands of mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, Grandparents to pour into our nation. Sponsors eventually don't honor their commitment to financially support those they originally sponsored, so the burden falls upon the backs of taxpayers. Millions of old folk who came here under the surety of their sponsor, and are now being subsidized by SSI and Medicaid or Medicare--which they never, ever paid into. Eventually the DREAM ACT for students will cost Taxpayers billions of dollars, to cater with families.

Incidentally, if the faith congregations want to financially support this Dream Act law, wherever it is being enacted? So be it, but leave the taxpayers out of it, because as it stands now, we are forced by federal unfunded mandated law, to pay in State schooling to k-12 for millions of illegal alien children and the instant citizenship law endowed on us by the Liberal judges, who make their own laws. Same thing with health care that is another unfunded mandatory law slammed down forcibly on US taxpayers. Liberals, Democrats and Republicans have never really enforced immigration laws even years prior to the 1986 mass amnesty. As a history note, the last real enforced immigration law was in 1924; can you believe it? In millions of American minds this is collusion, as otherwise they would have made it hard-core--FELONY. At the pinnacle of this issue of the immigration invasion, it is all about--Money--Power--Influence. Simple as that!   This is just another clandestine--AMNESTY.  Learn more at NumbersUSA