Monday, August 15, 2011

The TEA PARTY. Here to stay. August 15, 2011

Like most industrialized nations, we can always find a special visa for top notch professionals, highly skilled occupations. Highly educated people are not a financial peril to our economy. Illegal aliens are, because they are feeding from tight budgets of states. The job magnet must be eliminated, the instant citizenship for babies smuggled past unsuspecting immigration agents at the borders or passenger lines at airports. The numbers are staggering and everybody who enters America should be tracked as the authorities do in Mexico?  One of the major problems detected is that this administration and prior ones are still importing around a million foreign nations a year, with less than high occupational skills.

The TEA PARTY has become a huge pressure group of tens of millions of equally minded Americans from all ethnic and secular backgrounds, political parties, no matter what the unsympathetic activists conclude?  The TEA PARTY members contribute to a focused viewpoint of limiting government, personal freedoms, personal responsibility, "fair" free international trade treaties and above all else consigning control to the States and the people. The TEA PARTY have the initiative to enact a "FLAT TAX LAW" instead of the corruption that favors many, who pay no tax at all. The TEA PARTY is about reforming all political parties and being in charge of the primary principles of our Constitution, once again retaining the foundation of which this sovereign nation has stood for 225 years. As it is, Senator Harry Reid, a dye hard Liberal says, "the Tea Party will Pass?" The fool has no conception that the Tea Party--IS--the American people.
There is a TEA PARTY membership just around the corner in every community, where you can join a local group.

In 2005, the U.S. Government Accountability Office found that up to 3 percent of the 30,000 persons called for jury duty from voter registration rolls, U.S. district court found were non citizens. Although this number may not seem like many, just 3 percent of registered voters would have been more than adequate to provide the winning presiden­tial vote margin in Florida in 2000. Florida is not unique. Thousands of non-citizens are registered to vote in different states and tens if not hundreds of thousands, may be a million in total may be at hand on the voter rolls countrywide. These numbers are significant? In municipal elections results are often determined by only a handful of votes, and even General elections have likely been compromised within the margin of the number of non-citizens--ille­gally registered to vote. Those who ignore the consequences of non-citizen registration, using fraudulent “Absentee Ballots” and voting either are deliberately blind to this severe problem or may essentially favor this form of illegal voting.

Election officials have a sworn duty not only to enforce those laws, but also to execute the registra­tion and election procedures that do not allow those laws to be bypassed or ignored. As the 2012 presidential election is perhaps is of historical significance, we as citizens must safeguard our foundation right, to ensure no non-citizens change the avenue towards the presidency through fraudulent means.

Rep. Michele Bachman is on the long, arduous road towards the potential presidency. That road is full of political land mines, because the hard leftists, lobbyists and radical open border organizations will do everything within its power to derail the ladies bid for the White House. Even now its assured they are digging for any kind of dirt, so they have some venomous flak to throw at her before 2012. You can already see the rancid seeders of the Liberal press, looking for anything significant that will demoralize Bachmann’s growing following.  What they have no influence over is the millions attracted by her policies, as contemptuously shown when she refused to vote on the debt ceiling. She has already exposed issues others refuse to bring into debates, as one of her prime calls is for change in the corruption that swirls around Washington.

In regards to illegal Immigration there will be no compromise, as the TEA PARTY leaders will rigorously enforce the laws as set down in the 1986 Immigration Control & Reform Act. Amendments perhaps, but there will be no overturning this law, which has tough laws to sanction business owners who hire foreign labor. E-Verify will be mandated for every business nationwide, with the “Secure Communities” program to distinguish criminal aliens that will eventually be caught through fingerprint processing. There will be no waivers for Sanctuary cities laws, as those states will lose their federal funds. As I have been afraid to admit, a national ID card would be a ruthless deterrent, to close every loophole of illegal immigration. No non-counterfeit ID card—No Drivers License, No insurance, No Free Health Care, No Education and for certain NO welfare or public services. In other words No Nothing! In addition it will make the Mexican Consulates “Matricula Consular,” ID card for illegal aliens—OBSOLETE.

This document is supposedly an official identity card issued by the Mexican government, which it wanted to be officially recognized within the United States.  Of course I doubt that even Michel Bachmann could enact this law, but think of all the billions of dollars saved, Trillions in the future. The TEA PARTY is no radical group, in fact its ordinary people like myself. I am certainly not a radical, but as a member of the Arizona Tea party, that has been costing this desert state nearly $3 Billion dollars a year in public assistance programs. When any citizen-oriented politician such as Arizona's State Senator Russell Pierce, the dregs from the open border radicals appear from their holes and try to remove anybody who is trying to save their State from insolvency. Russell Pearce, a Republican, sponsored Arizona Senate Bill 1070 and now his supporters have formed their own petition group of Citizens Who Oppose the Pearce Recall.

No legal individual is turned away from the TEA PARTY membership of voters. The border barrier could remain uncompleted and 5000 troops would not have to be deployed. Currently FAIR reports annual projection up to this time is $113 billion dollars, which is paid out to cater to the illegal invaders, but it sure to go up under the Democratic and Republican policy decisions.

The Liberal wing of the democrats have a big say in what the Democratic party does, including their devious influence in blue states as California, Nevada, Washington State. FAIR has reported that 29 Billion is paid out to illegal aliens and the rest is forced on the States, Counties and cities to cover the $ 84 Billion. Financially California and Nevada are the hardest hit by the illegal incursions into the United States. An analysis shows that illegal aliens pay into federal and State covers roughly $13 Billion dollars a year and although as they are mostly low income, the majority of these dollars is returned in tax rebates. What defies logic they still manage to usher out of America around 46 Billion to foreign banks.

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