Friday, August 5, 2011

Los Angeles Times, La Plaza June 24, 2008 at 01:04 PM

Both presumptive Senator Obama, McCain and then House Speaker Pelosi have a lot to answer for, regarding to illegal immigration.. Their idea of Comprehensive Amnesty last March would have helped to bankrupt the country. Because what illegal aliens cannot get in benefits now, such as free health care, education and a host of benefits from both federal and state programs, they would have inherited after getting legal status. Tom Tancredo, Duncan Hunter are not like the political party members above, as they want the borders fence built according to the original plan and certainly no path to instant citizenship. Tancredo would eradicate the misinterpreted birthright law and stop all free welfare benefits to illegal foreign nationals.
Even as I speak the House Appropriations Committee today (today) will be deciding how the federal government enforces immigration laws. 202-224-3121 We must demand the border fence constructed according to Duncan Hunters 'Secure border fence act (2008), reluctant Democrats must endorse the Federal SAVE ACT (4088) We must insist on full funding for (ICE) and no gutting of any programs. NUMBERSUSA.