Friday, August 5, 2011

Reason Magazine

8.18.08 @ 1:43PM|

These politicians, advocates, pundits better realize that illegal immigration is not going to be an issue they can brush under the rug. Along with the Iraq War illegal immigration is costing American taxpayers at all different levels of government at least a trillion dollars each year.
Corrupt Incumbents need to thrown out of office? All & every politician that doesn't sponsor the Federal SAVE ACT (H.R.4088) Any elected official (Hired-help) which includes Governors, Mayors, councilman, city managers who pander to the Special Interest lobby. They should be tarred and feathered if they are in collusion with foreign governments like Mexico.

If Americans don't fight back against the Globalist tyranny that will swamp us with cheap labor. The Democrats who have gutted the border fence funding, so we will be dealing with Overpopulation in just 20 years.The drugs, the escalating crime rate and the wilting nationwide economy. It's entirely up to 'THE PEOPLE' in the coming months. Both parties are going to land America with another AMNESTY.

Taxpayers will be paying for both the illegal immigration insurgency and the welfare and profits for the predatory employers. If your really want to know the unrestricted ugly truth not found in the liberal-socialist press. If you want to do something about job loses, your mortgage, your families future. Go to NUMBERSUSA .

Ask your State representative energy conservation? How much gas, oil and electricity we could save, if we sent illegal aliens home.
We cannot keep up the demand for it right now! Oil! Diversity Alliance for Sustainable America.(earthtimes) stated in it's article that if the U.S. grants amnesty and gives citizenship to 12 to 30 million illegal migrants already here, as McCain, Obama and the majority of Democrats propose. That all those naturalized citizens could possibly add 120 million U.S. and foreign-born relatives to the U.S., in the next 20 years whom all will CONSUME MAJOR ENERGY. Does the American people need to escalate the 315 million plus population, the census estimates we have now? To a new total of 435 million?

Massive negative consequences of illegal immigration on today's and yesterdays economy. Illegal Immigration is all enveloping our economy! Everything! Obama, McCain, Governors, Mayors, Councilors, City managers take notice! 80 percent of the American people are watching! How many more nefarious companies out their, violating safety and immigration laws. When ICE knocks on the door eventually--and they will, under the Federal SAVE ACT. Deportation is an absolute certainty. Whereas, voluntary 'ATTRITION' means you can re-apply like all the millions of legal immigrants.

Overpopulation, traffic congestion, urban sprawl, pollution, environmental damage, water, oil, gas, energy diminishing resources, contagious diseases, lack of affordable housing, depressed wages of US citizens, underground economic, fraudulent documents, identity theft, Sanctuary cities, predatory businesses tax evasion, soaring nationwide crime rate growth , increased taxpayer burdens, $$$ going across the border, overseas, overcrowded schools, uneducated legal children, overcrowded prisons, inadequate health care for legal residents, but free health care for illegal immigrants.

The balkanization of our communities and a large and growing population with loyalty to other Nations. Just read this disturbing revelation of costs to the Taxpayer: GOOGLE these sites! Find the truth? numbersusa, snopes-under-politics, fairus, capsweb, americanpatrol, libertypost, vdare. Our politicians must endorse the Federal SAVE ACT (H.R.4088) before the next AMNESTY bill.