Friday, August 5, 2011

Colorado Independent

  • Do we really have anything positive to say about the Democratic leadership? When the would promote illegal immigration over their own countryman? 300.000 jobs in construction (stated Heritage Foundation) for illegal aliens in the in the Senate bill loophole? Hundreds of billions of dollars are soaked up, in mostly undisclosed benefits--health care---education--prisons---and a conglomeration of government handouts, unavailable to legal residents.

    In an atmosphere of underhanded secrecy, Democrats pushed through the Stimulus, then the Omnibus bills, but removing funding for 13 year old---E-Verify. With a stroke of the pen its actual draft disappeared mysteriously accept to observant sources. But they are irate because it's extended with funding till September.

    Attracting no attention from the public Sen.Harry Reid, Speaker Pelosi and 48 other devious plotters, including:- Akaka--Inouye--Begich--Bennet--Udall--Bingaman--Udall--Boxer--Feinstein--Brown--Burris--Durbin--Byrd--Rockefeller--Cantwell-- Murray--Cardin-- --Mikulski--Carper--Kaufman--Casey--Conrad-- Dorgan--Dodd--Lieberman--Feingold--Kohl--Gillibrand--Schumer--Hagan--Harkin--Johnson--Kerry-- Landrieu--Shaheen--Leahy--Sanders--Levin --Stabenow--Lincoln--Pryor--Menendez--Lautenberg--Merkley--Wyden--Nelson--Reed--Whitehouse--Warner/

    With complete and utter shameful disregard for the American worker they had killed E-verify, so that illegal alien workers could be hired. Could be they snuffed E-Verify, because their are millions of illegal labor in Sanctuary cities, like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Salt Lake City and many more. Call these rogues up and ask their aides why are you supporting the illegal immigrant workers. Then tell them a vote of no-confidence or better still a recall for their traitorous acts against Americans. Why even a Stimulus, when the legal population, have to compete with illegal labor. Why are Americans and documented residents even having to support illegal immigrants with billions in their tax money. Don't accept these corrupt lawmakers time restraints---tell them you want E-Verify for an-- INCESSANT--period.

    Your Senators and Representatives all have website and probably cringing from the banshee wails of angry people. To find your Senator: To phone your Representative: Leave a comment for the President: 202) 456-1414, To comment: (202) 456-111

  • Brittanicus 2 years ago
    People are always complaining that to live in Los Angeles county, is the one of the most expensive places to live in America. The taxes for properties have escalated over the last 20 years along with everything else. Once the Democratic leftist assembly engineered Proportion 187 to the trash pile and not the courts, taxes skyrocketed. The open border special interest had won a major war to extend welfare to illegal immigrants in the county. Not only to saturate the county with millions of illegal families have planted themselves in the county, but in the state. Not from just across the distressed border, but by overstaying visas, from China--Canada--Russia--Ireland and anywhere else.

    Initiated by Democrat Dianne Feinstein, San Francisco became no.1 Sanctuary City, flowed by Los Angeles were police were forbidden to question people of their legal status. Over a period of time hard core-slime gang members infested the neighborhoods from impoverished nations. Cold blooded murders by gun or machete is now a daily occurrence. Because of the influx of cheap labor thousands of legal residents and even citizens lost their jobs. Pariah contractors took advantage on street corners to offer a few dollars for services. Living by the thousands in squalid conditions of families crammed into a garage, the landlords became contaminated with greed. This year Governor Schwarzenegger state buckled under a $47 billion budget deficit because of 4 million plus illegal immigrants.

    Through violating Federal law, thousands of foreign nationals live in low income housing. Mothers who crossed the border to intentionally have children, under a questionable law of automatic citizenship. Have taken taxpayers to the cleaners, with millions of dollars owed to hospitals in baby delivery. In California there are many violations of federal law of welfare payments and an almost endless list of other benefits meant for the US legal population. Much of the money paid to illegal aliens is paid under the table by parasite employer, with billions being exported to foreign lands--not going into the states negative coffers. Terrible management by Sacramento leftist and the influx of poverty stricken immigrants has now culminated in even higher taxes for Angeleno's in 2009. It's not just the illegal immigrants imposed on the taxpayer, but escalation of homes in farming areas, pollution from millions of extra car exhausts, availability of energy for automobiles, home heating and air conditioning and the progressive shortage of water. Most of the politicians that are causing this traumatic chaos, don't live in these overrun communities. Other than a town home, they live on the perimeters of environmental chaos. Ex-President Bush didn't live in downtown Dallas? His family circle lived in a far off Ranch in Crawford Texas. His water probably comes freshly from the mountains--his energy is generated from an outback generator most likely? Pelosi has her farm in Napa county, which most probably has illegal aliens picking the crops or maintaining the property?

    Now these anti-sovereignty lawmakers are begging President Obama for even more money, that will be used for many infrastructure projects--such as Highway repair, bridges. If the Heritage Foundation is correct 300.000 illegal labor will get jobs that by law, should go to American Workers? This is because Sen. Harry Reid, Speaker Nancy Pelosi secretly tabled E-Verify, that would have foreseen fraudulent document, such as Social Security ID. Annually Social security numbers are stolen or otherwise compromised by illegal aliens--even deceased peoples social security number in not safe. Today greed is not just a staple of Wall street, but in most state Capitols. Politicians and THE PEOPLE of America are livid, yet frustrated with Insurance giant AIG, but we support 40 million illegal aliens--analyzed by Heritage Foundation, with nearly a trillion dollars a year. As of today Rep. Gutierrez’s tour making it's rounds touting how wonderful AMNESTY would be for America. He and many others see unlimited immigration as a boon to our nation. But in truth it will cost--YOU--the taxpayer a trillions? In health care, major illnesses, education--and access to Social Security and pensions. But those here could sponsor their extended families abroad in other countries, could bring in their sick brothers, mentally handicapped relatives--the costs born by you. Then what about the next waves of indigent people, who missed this AMNESTY, thinking if they slip across the border, they can catch the next chance a becoming legal.

    We should enforce the 1986 immigration laws in the Simpson/Mazzoli control act.

    We just cannot keep supplementing the income of every illegal alien who crosses our border by any means. E-Verify must be made a positive example to stop further ingress of illegal alien taking the jobs of legal Angeleno's or any legal worker in the country. It should be made permanent as part of immigration laws. Although derailed by the leftists, it will survive till September. It is now up to the AMERICAN PEOPLE to demand it is funded forever. America can no longer afford to support millions of immigrants. Call your Senator or Representative--NOW! Please do not procrastinate. Do not listen to it's critics, who all have a nefarious motive for sinking laws that halt illegal immigration. You cannot be more successful than 99.6 percent with the E-Verify program, that 50 Democrats cut out of the Stimulus/Omnibus spending packages. Call the Washington Switchboard 202-224-3121. To find your Senator: To phone your Representative: Leave a comment for the President: 202) 456-1414, To comment: Comments (202) 456-111