Friday, August 5, 2011

Spartanburg Tea Party April 7, 2011


In school districts throughout America thousands of teachers have been receiving pink slips, because there is no money in the State treasuries to pay them; unless more taxes are extracted from the residents. This problem seems to be mostly centered in the larger cities, but wherever this grave situation is in effect, the outcome is the same? Unless the diverse State legislators can drag more taxes from the State residents, this situation will only get far worse. OUR SCHOOLS ARE FAILING BECAUSE OF THE NEGATIVE DIRECT INFLUENCE, OF CHILDREN THAT HAVE LIITLE COMPREHENSION OF ENGLISH, BUT UNDER FEDERAL LAW THEY MUST BE EDUCATED. But I see this issue in different light, which if the Public hadn’t been royally skewered by the birthright citizenship law, this educating the world, would never have happened.
The law mishandled in the interpretation of the 14th amendment, billions of dollars would not be going to educating children of illegal immigrants. This is not to mention the hundreds of thousands of individuals smuggled monthly across borders or enter America illegally or by other means. The definitive point being that there would be no need for the extraordinary amount of Teachers desired to teach the children of illegal aliens if they were not here. That billions upon billions of taxpayer dollars would be saved. Any prudent persons, who has not been brainwashed by the Leftists, must comprehend that our clogged classrooms, a need for bilingual teachers that our nation has been silently invaded. True born Americans and permanent residents have endured the “Politically Correct” doctrine for too long. That it’s facilitated this country plummeting into an apathetic chaotic mess. Where in some States police cannot question you on your legal status?
Governor Brewer and State Senator Pierce of Arizona are right now defending their State in the courts from the Communist aggressive nutcases in the ACLU, or liberal progressives masquerading as Democrats. The Sanctuary State of California is weighed down with illegal invaders, so the taxpayers should repudiate any more demands for even more teachers. The occupation of foreigners has not impeded by Washington DC, Sacramento, CA. Salt Lake City, UT, Denver CO or any States East, that has an acute shortage of teachers because of this fundamental issue. So until all the lax States start legislating policing laws, as implemented by Arizona, Alabama and others the illegal alien invasion will be endless. States like refuge-California, Nevada will be bombarded by illegal migrant refugees, where policing laws are not being enforced. Every time non-enforcement States demand more taxes, Americans should not sign onto this travesty.
It’s all up to the hurting taxpayer, to say “Enough is enough” because otherwise legislators in particularly California, will keep bleeding you. Even now a committee in Sacramento eliminated new policing laws. Today Arizona will prosecute and deport illegal alien workers, if caught trespassing in that State. IT’S A SIMPLE ADMISSION THAT MILLIONS FROM OTHER HARD CORE POLICING STATES WILL POUR INTO UNRESTRICTED CALIFORNIA, NEVADA FURTHER NORTH AND OUTWARDS EAST.
In person I have seen the overcrowded classrooms in California and the overwhelmed Teachers as my own son was confronted with this chaos. No wonder California schools have failed in performance, whereas twenty years ago they topped exemplary learning. With no backbone available the lawmakers have failed the American people, to build the REAL fences, embracing mandated policing laws of E-Verify, Secure Communities and the detainment law 287 G, playing into the hands of sullied business owners. We are already locking away more foreign criminals of the most hideous examples of human depravity, which US taxpayers are paying for? Not forgetting with the border not sealed criminal activity has spilled across the open territory claiming it as their own. These people are coming up from the darkest recesses of cesspools in the furthest reaches of South America and other sewers of the world.
Only since the inception of the rising TEA PARTIES persona, have I thought we might have the prospect of ending this craziness, exploited by the Left, businesses and the open border zealots. Already the TEA PARTY is fighting the shadow government within the Democratic Party, to stop the out of control spending. Illegal Immigration is a pestilence that must be reduced and stopped; until its trickle; only allowing top notch skillful people to immigrate here. We have no money with two wars emanating from the Far East, and the uninhibited costs of educating the world’s poor that arrive here or having to pay for babies born here or free health care for all.
The taxpayers can either keep on supporting this silent attack on this nation, or they outlaw illegal immigration and its long term ramifications. Since the economic illegal invaders started eating up benefit entitlements some twenty years back, it’s remarkable that the general public hasn’t seen through paramount issue? Join NumbersUSA of any predominant pro-sovereignty organization and also prove your patriotism by becoming an activist member of a local TEA PARTY. They represent the taxpayers of the United States, not the-TAX AND SPEND Liberal extremists.
Active member of the Arizona and W. Michigan TEA PARTY.

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