Saturday, August 6, 2011

SLIGHT OF HAND..? 7/15/2011 8:32 PM

This is an urgent red flag day warning for all patriotic activists as President Obama is flying under the radar in a bid to stay any prosecutions of Illegal aliens. In a directive memo to ICE Field Office Directors, Special Agents-in-Charge, and all Chief Counsels are NOT to deport illegal aliens, unless they are violent felons.
Now that he has lost the fight to push an illegal immigration amnesty through Congress, he's trying to win it by bypassing Congress altogether! Last month, a memo written by ICE administrator John Morton, an appointee of Pres. Obama, was leaked to the media. This order amounts to a Backdoor Amnesty for millions of Illegal Aliens who have no legal right to be in the U.S. Obviously, this order is flying in the face of decades of clear federal law. When the Labor department statistics indicate there are 13 million US born Americans and legal residents out of work, how can he possibly validate any order as this?
The memo states that illegal aliens are not to be pursued if they meet any of 19 factors, including:
  • Serves the community, or
  • Has a job, or
  • Graduated from high school, or
  • Has a relative in the U.S. military
  • Just to name a few points
How many illegal aliens do you think can be fit into one of those 19 classes! And these are only 3 of the 19 conditions that protect illegal aliens from being prosecuted by ICE personnel. This Backdoor Amnesty can be reversed! Even Pres. Obama wasn't brazen enough to issue all these illegal aliens work permits or citizenship papers. We can turn back the clock, and we're determined to do so. 
Stepping up again to champion common sense is Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX), Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and the man who leading on H.R. 2164, which is the 50-state mandatory E-Verify bill. Chairman Smith has introduced a bill that can change the situation!
Smith's new HALT Act blocks the Obama Backdoor Amnesty. The details are a bit complicated, but in brief the HALT Act would:
  • HALT the Obama Administration from canceling the removal of illegal aliens.
  • HALT the Obama Administration from granting work authorization to aliens on a discretionary basis.
  • HALT the Obama Administration from issuing extended voluntary departure to removable aliens.
Of course, we all assume that Pres. Obama would veto the HALT Act if it came to his desk. The purpose of the bill is to at least get the U.S. House on record to create a highly general public showdown in which the President would most likely be humiliated into backing down.
1) We have to guide H.R. 2164, the 50-state Mandatory E-Verify bill, safely through the House and Senate, AND 
2) We've got to reverse Obama's Backdoor Amnesty. No Backdoor Amnesties! No states without E-Verify protection! No more giving away American jobs to illegal aliens!
After the recession is over, a need for agricultural workers could necessitate a uniform, expedited legal means to hire migrants with a tracking system. Mexico has a tracking method for all persons entering their country, while on the other hand the US has millions of visa overstays who have not returned to their originating country. As of now there is a poorly organized system that estimates 40 percent of tourists, students and others overstay their visa departure dates. Learn the facts, not rhetoric at NumbersUSA.
At this time, we certainly must reduce--ALL--immigration, when we have a $14.5 Trillion dollar federal deficit. Incidentally, what about the 20 million plus already here? Does that population figure not count, when the liberal press and the open border zealots try to convince us illegal immigration to the US has fallen off?
No more stealth amnesties must be passed; 6 small amnesties have found passage since the 1986 Simpson/ Mazzoli bill, with a million or more foreigners entering America legally each year. The United States will never say “No’ to educated highly skilled professionals like Engineers and Scientists, but here we must draw the line. Right now without secure border, lax federal and State laws, we have been invaded by ECONOMIC illegal aliens that are depleting this countries entitlement systems.
Join a local Tea Party near you across the country, as there are now thousands of branches near you, ready to welcome any citizen or legal resident American, without any prejudice against a person religion or racial background. The Tea Party says no more Immigration Reform--Amnesty, no Sanctuary Cities, no Dream Act and no Drivers Licenses issued to foreign nationals.