Friday, August 5, 2011


Since 2007 I have been fighting a war over illegal immigration and may be even prior to that as I don't have the best of memories. My incendiary commentary, articles and blogs, have been running rampant on the internet for years, because unless ordinary people  speak up, we eventually be overrun from illegal aliens from many foreign lands.

I started this blog, because people who follow my information on the Internet, realize that their is limited space, to rant on about this unceasing battle on our shores. It started for me in the early 80's, when a few Americans became more aware that thousands of illegal aliens were pouring into the county of Los Angeles. As it happened a large crowd of anti-illegal immigrant activists, including me were protesting peacefully outside the Federal building downtown. The police made an appearance, ready for a possible confrontation as just opposite to us was an even larger rowdy demonstration. Our people tried to stay passive as the opposite side started name calling and throwing things. Then without warning something slammed into my forehead, and my own blood was running in my eye.  I found out later when two of my activists friend  had collected me up and taken me to UCLA, that a frozen can of soda, had been the missile. Luckily it had been deflected by a sign being carried, so fortunately the damage was a cut above the eyebrow. Even so I needed 4 stitches as the gash would not stop bleeding.

After that incident, I have never ventured into that type of dangerous territory again, except to a meeting at a later date with my Brother in Law. When I was threatened three years ago for my writings on the Internet, that was the last straw and knowing West Los Angeles  was no longer safe for me and my family, we moved away to another state. Having thoughts of my house being fire bombed by gang members or a radical pro-illegal immigrant group, we sold our house and left the state.

 As I am disabled, much of my time is spent during the days researching all kinds of information; much of it is elusive, unless you have the time at your disposal as I have now.  Daily, you will find my comments in the majority of local and national newspapers, including e-media and blogs. If the political reader wants’ to see how many blogs are mine, the can type into the Google Search box: BRITTANICUS / IMMIGRATION or the blog box the same. Another Google search should go in BRITTANICUS / ILLEGAL ALIENS as that will also bring up thousands of my writings.

I guess in my own small way, I have opened a Pandora's Box as thousands of people read my stuff every day. In my little isolated home in Indiana, each day I follow the rhetoric and propaganda of the Leftists, who seem to believe it’s our duty to support the millions of illegal immigrant invasion who come here?

I will obviously supplement this page as issues that enter my head, will become an addition to this introduction. I am an old University Professor from way back, but I still have my faculty that allows me to author information and research on this hot button issue. Another avenue to explore where my writings are found is by "cutting and pasting" a whole sentence in the Google Search engine. Google's database or come to that Yahoo will detect that exact sentence and will return, where it was originally published. Incidentally, "Brittanicus" was not a  British warrior, but the son of Claudius, the Roman Emperor who exploited the British Islands in c 44 AD.  With the inception of my blogs on illegal immigration, I made an error in using Brittanicus instead of the Royal Barbarian lineage of Caratacus, who was the real warrior, who dared to defy the might of the Roman Empire. This really is my distinction between THE PEOPLE of AMERICA and the power of the US government and the open border zealots. In earlier blogs or commentary I have used Caratacus, until my bout of sickness and made the error of using Britanicus or Brittanicus?