Sunday, August 21, 2011

Are Illegal aliens undermining the sovereign rights of citizens and legal residents? August 21, 2011

Are Illegal aliens undermining the sovereign rights of citizens and legal residents?

Once again the President has ignored the US Constitution, by going over the heads of the Congress in immigration law. It looks like President Obama has cooked his own goose, by bypassing Congress and using his administrative order, to overcome deportation proceedings. It might assist him with ethnic groups and the 20 million plus illegal aliens. However, the TEA PARTY will be avidly watching for irregularities, in the 2012 elections for illegal aliens and others violating the US voting laws. Constituencies must be made to realize that registration and voting by non-citizens are violations against the basic principles of our Dem­ocratic system and that such cases must be prosecuted.

All states should require anyone who registers to vote to make available proof of U.S. citizenship. This requirement should be identical to the fed­eral requirement of proof for employment using E-Verify. This new policy is an act of indifference, allowing millions of illegal aliens to stay here, when 13 or 14 US citizens and legal residence cannot find a job Most Americans are aware that approximately 8 million illegal aliens have been hired for some kind of employment.  All Emperor Obama has accomplished with this decision, is to keep the illegal alien occupation to continue.  Look up on your computer the websites of NumbersUSA, (FAIR) Federation for Immigration Reform for facts and records on illegal immigration.

Most polls have demanded that the border fence be built, as designed by Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) as the 2006 secure fence act; still it remains uncompleted, no matter what Homeland Security secretary Napolitano has elaborated on, in her press conferences. There are still gaping holes, you could drive a Hummer through and give passage to thousands more illegal nationals daily of --ECONOMIC--illegal aliens. There is always a yes vote for top personages who have highly skilled occupations—but not those who are taking menial and low income jobs from our own population.

Michelle Bachmann, chairman of the TEA PARTY, as reported by the Associated Press made illegal immigration an issue in Greenville, South Carolina as part of her three state tours. Michele Bachmann is reported to have said "lax enforcement of immigration laws was a threat to the nation's security. She agreed with a town hall audience at a Greenville stop that U.S. troops should be redeployed from South Korea to South Texas."  The report also states that Bachmann said "The problem has been in our unwillingness to enforce the laws that are on the books." and "How do you solve it? You build a barrier, a fence, a wall — whatever you want to call it. You build it…As president of the United States, every mile, every yard, every foot; every inch will be covered on that southern border."

This is the type of speech that Americans wish to hear about fully constructing the Southern border barrier, deployed troops to support the US border patrol. Hundreds of billions could be saved, with perhaps trillions over the years to come and halt overpopulation. The US people haven't heard this kind of talk from Rick Perry, Ron Paul, and Gary Johnson, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin and definitely no assistance from our present President. Rick Perry who has joined the long grueling races has not shown any worthwhile distinction in upholding enforcement laws, to stop the illegal alien occupation. Only Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain have shown strong characters, by determining neither are going to be intimidated by the anti-American radical group La Raza, or the open border agenda of corporate players for cheap labor, or the Imperial court of the current government for future votes. Annually the cost to financially supporting the illegal immigration invasion is rapidly spiraling upwards from the current $113 Billion dollars a year. Oddly enough millions of Americans are not looking to the future, as more encouragement from our administrations, open border zealots and legal ethnic organizations, will have to shoulder the monolithic dollar expense in future years

Arizona was the first state to open the eyes of the public, as the US government has remained incompetent—intentional or not—to save their taxpayers from forced taxation to support economic illegal aliens.

Michelle Bachmann does have a thick skin, letting the diatribe run off of her, like water of a ducks back. Don't let her slender appearance deceive you, as she has a strong backbone and will fight against the greed, rot and corruption in Washington today and yesterday. You can listen to the usual rhetoric of this administration and even some in the Republican establishment or you can vote for a leader for the People; ALL THE PEOPLE? Voting for the usual career politicians will give America much of the same.

The American people have been brought and sold behind closed doors for years.

So what does that old quote say?  “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."