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Re: “Georgia Discovers Immigrants Less Lazy, More Useful Than Once Thought

The ACLU American Civil liberties Union or better known as the American Communist lawyers Union, as it was founded by a Communist, is coming out its hole again. Perhaps someday it will be recognized as Anti-American and the likes of J. Edgar Hoovers phantasm, will dig them out of their pits and throw these illicit so-called Lawyers to the wolves. They redoubtably get their money bounty to torture States and cities from lobbyists, as well as silent handouts from the US Government, like a giant praying mantis, always looking for blood. First it joined up with the Liberal-democratic leaders to harass Arizona, but not satisfied with this purgatory, they are now threatening Georgia, Alabama. The ACLU either intentionally are indifferent to the poverty in this country, that has built up even more from the decades of at least a trillion dollars, stolen from Americans to support the illegal immigrant invaders.

\Every day there is even more bloodshed by drunken foreign drivers causing mayhem on the highways? The crime statistics are not going down, from these people who have scorned the law and now we have the good old ACLU, the religious activists led by the Vatican, the US Chamber of Commerce, as a driving force, that American sovereignty or the US Constitution has no meaning anymore. THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION LED BY THE LEFTIST HOLDER, NAPOLITANO IS ALL OPEN BORDER LEADERS. We have already seen the impact of Sanctuary States and cities, making American taxpayers to dig even deeper into their pockets, to subsidize this occupation by nationals. The Crime, the welfare and public services for illegal aliens are beginning to bleed from the edges as more States find the fiscal deficits rising. While draining state treasuries, the further crippling of our economy is furtively completed, by the rising exportation of 40 billion dollars goes to foreign countries, from illegal alien wage packets. Indirectly its—YOUR—money they are spending.

This is revenue not being spent in the United States. California the Liberal fortress is struggling, along with Nevada and New York with rogue governors who are going to soak the taxpayers even more, to pacify the 20 million or more foreign nationals. But there is a limit to compassion, as many US citizens and legal households are folding under this continuous bombardment of Federal, State saying give me more dollars. A new survey conducted by Gallup finds that a plurality of Americans favors reducing overall immigration levels. The poll released earlier today reveals that 43% of Americans thing overall immigration should be reduced while only 18% think overall immigration levels should be raised. Thirty-five percent of Americans feel that immigration levels should remain the same. The TEA PARTY is rising to "The Peoples" call, to halt this monetary torment for good.

The midterm election proved that the people are mad and sick of supporting illegal aliens who are flocking to this nation. The TEA PARTY is rising at a phenomenal rate, with thousands signing up at the national and local websites. We have seen the inability for the Obama's mob, to slide through executive orders not to deport certain groups of people. We keep sending troops abroad, but the protection of America's people; specifically in Border States that remain unprotected. The TEA PARTY will exceed any previous administration in stopping the self-destruction of America’s society. The 1986 Simpson/ Mazzoli will be enforced and will impose the mandated E-Verify, Secure Communities to the letter of the law. Much harsher sanctions against incorrigible business that hire cheap labor will be severely punished the border with military interdiction along with the border agents.

All presidential hopefuls who fall below a B+ plus rating by NumbersUSA, will be ignored and fall out of favor along with the elected carrion that run the cities and communities nationwide. Already D. Huntsman has been designated by NumbersUSA as a bad contender. The Tea Party is an open book of all races, which came to this country through the front gates. ARE AMERICANS PREPARED TO HAVE THEIR SLIPPING WAGES, BEING COMMANDEERED FOR YEARS TO COME, PAYING FOR PEOPLE WHO BROKE OUR IMMIGRATION LAWS?

The 1986 Amnesty turned into an absolute travesty of our laws, with paramount fraud and millions not processed correctly. On Wednesday U.S. Sens. Robert Menendez, D-N.J., Harry Reid, D-Nev., Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., Dick Durbin, D-Ill., Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., John Kerry, D-Mass., and Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., reintroduced a comprehensive immigration reform bill. The bill includes measures to strengthen border security, enhance worksite enforcement of immigration laws, and requirements that the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants present in the U.S. register with the government, pay taxes, learn English, pay a fine, pass a background check, and wait in line for permanent residence.

As far as I’m concerned, this will end up another big payout slapped on taxpayers. Heritage Foundation has already stated that taxpayers are looking at another mind boggling bill of $2.6 Trillion dollars. If you don’t believe it, then go and view the statistics in black and white at the heritage website. If you feel that another 20 million plus newcomers is alright on the US treasury accounting sheet, then will have even higher taxes slipping from our grasp. All its going to accomplish is millions more foreigners encouraged by our open border politicians, to keep funneling in a growing overpopulated America millions more annual, that the politicians fail to tell us about?
Posted by Brittanicus on June 23, 2011 at 8:31 PM

Re: “Program to Deport "Criminal Aliens" is Deporting Noncriminals, Too


When the Liberal, Democrats or Republicans talk about reducing the huge deficit, they fail to discuss the illegal immigration invasion. However the TEA PARTY does and will not deviate from the facts that the Southwest is being occupied. When the Census says the population has exploded over a short period of time. It's self-explanatory that these people are spilling across the border, with limited personal to stop the rush. The US government continuously lied to us, and the only measure of reducing illegal immigration is to unite with the TEA PARTY.

More and more so-called Sanctuary Cities are spring up, because of this massive influx. The Sanctuary State of California leads the way with a 26 Billion dollar deficit, with Nevada, New Mexico and other acutely aware they are suffering in the same way. California taxpayers are suffering terribly, with even the possibility of higher taxes. The major cause is the overwhelmingly influence of the Liberal media and the over representation of Liberal-Socialist lawmakers in the State Capitol subsidizing illegal alien household. The Heritage foundation, the nationwide policy institute stated in the report detailing what happened to the roughly 1,200 illegal immigrants terminated in Minnesota after a work site audit occurred at two companies, Chipotle Mexican Grill and Harvard Maintenance.

The federal government has a obligation in the "Oath of Allegiance," 8 C.F.R. Part 337 (2008)) to defend America from enemies domestic and foreign. America needs policing laws such as Arizona, Missouri and other States. The US administration has failed us miserably as we have seen with areas of the US frontier, being held by murdering drug cartels, and the deaths of US Border agents and ranchers. Not to forget the terrorist killers whose incursions are being assisted by the drug peddlers.

The Obama Administration has roughly 1,000 actively run immigration audits on businesses, across the United States. There analysis has shown that terminated illegal immigrants, simply are remaining in America during this time of heightened unemployment, but terminated more children are being born here less attrition through deportation. During their time in the United States, the 200 illegal immigrants gave birth to a total of 760 children subject to birthright citizenship. Under the current law that means taxpayers are forced by the 14th amendment to pay the costs of hospital pre and post natal visits, the delivery, food stamps, Wicca, State Medicaid, lower income housing and cash payments.

Even before Obama became President Politicians have hid their intentions, not to reduce illegal and legal immigration. 1.. They would have made illegal entry a felony, just like Mexico? 2. They would have data ]a base in airports, to chase down visa overstays? 3. They would have fully funded the 2006 Secure Fence act, to be constructed as a 15 foot double layer border barrier, adorned with nasty razor wire; which was underfunded from the start. It makes no sense to remove the 1500 military from the border in June. The should be manning the fence with 5000 more soldiers? 4. There would be 5000 US troops on the frontier with Mexico to stop the criminal carnage from spilling over and threatening landowners in all four Border States. 5 E-Verify "Attrition" program would not have been emasculated by the good old boy, Senator Harry Reid of Nevada.

ALL BUSINESS OWNERS CAUGHT EMPLOYING ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS MUST GO TO PRISON AS THEIR STEALING JOBS FROM THE 9 MILLION AMERICAN OUT OF WORK They should not be handled with kid gloves but harshly fined, all business assets confiscated and a mandatory prison sentence. Not a home held imprisonment. MILLIONS OF FOREIGN NATIONALS, INCLUDING CRIMINALS HAVE ENTERED AMERICA, IN THE PAST TWENTY YEARS AND THE MAJORITY ARE STILL HERE. If you agree with billions of dollars supporting illegal aliens and their families--DO NOTHING. But if you have just had another of this sickening joke on the hard working taxpayer, locate a local TEA PARTY to join. The spreading millions of TEA PARTY'ERS are in this war, to halt this 20 million plus settlement for good. Find more information and what illegal immigration is costing your payroll check at NumbersUSA. Call you Federal or State representative today demanding your rights as a taxpayer and end this parody of our immigration laws.

TEA PARTY says no Immigration Reform (amnesty); No Sanctuary Cities; No Chain Migration (Limited amnesty); No Dream Act (Another form of amnesty) no nothing! They broke our sovereign laws.

We can no longer trust our voting system, as shown in New Mexico, Colorado, and New York as illegal aliens have compromised absentee ballots. We must have Federal intervention or malleable States that cross reference driver’s licenses, Social Security numbers or authorities ID, as our elections are being exploited by criminal organization such as ACORN; they have not disbanded, but just changed their name.

News: Did you know that airlines are outsourcing maintenance to foreign countries, where only the foreman speaks English. .GOD HELP US!

Donald Trump for President. His platform is to promote only fair and honest free global Trade.
Posted by Brittanicus on April 5, 2011 at 3:32 PM

Re: “In Other News

On April 15th all American taxpayers should be expediting their Tax Returns to the Post Office. Remember 20 million plus illegal aliens, including 300.000 birthright offspring and free education tuition are relying on you to supplement their incomes.

Somebody should ask the question of who did the work in Utah, Texas, Arizona, Illinois or New York or any other location, before the invasion? Who picked potatoes ? My grandfather. Who dug trenches or who was employed landscaping. My uncle. Who laid new roofing down or put up drywall. Two of my cousins. Who worked in the 60's in a restaurant or made beds in a motel that belonged to my other Uncle. My ex-wife. Who run around in McDonald in the early 70's, while at college. ME! I flipped burgers. YES! I worked to pay for my own college tuition. The political avalanche of the Tea Party and pro-sovereignty organizations will fight any amnesty, whether its the Dream Act and its Chain Migration following, Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Sanctuary Cities and States or any more covert ways to deliver more illegal aliens in the US.

"Arizona Hearing Today: Will Supreme Court let the government favor taxpayer-funded candidates?" on Arizona Tea Party Network. Call you Senator or Representative today, to demand public tax-payer-funded elections, instead of private sponsorship that is twisted with major corruption and criminal activity.

General Electric paid nothing in the last fiscal year--so how many giant corporation are paying any taxes at all--and also getting tax subsidizes? Inside your phone directory is the blue pages, where you can locate your people in Washington and politicians at the State level.

Posted by Brittanicus on March 31, 2011 at 7:10 PM

Re: “Tuition Equity Passes the Senate!


For decades now the American taxpayers have been supporting illegal aliens without their knowledge or prior permission. Including this immigration invasion are six stealth amnesties. Its well documented that Billions of dollars have been swallowed up in welfare, while at least 45 billion dollars leave this country in wire transfers. It blatantly obvious that neither the Liberal-Democrats or the Republican intend to stop this parody of our laws. For the Lib-Democrats its more votes, for Republicans its discount labor. The TEA PARTY is the only true remedy to halt the illegal alien occupation, and would strengthen our laws. Underneath this camouflage of both parties is a kind of shadow government. In a ominous dark corner is the billionaire George Soros and his far Leftist-Socialist-Marxist agenda, competing with the Republican who are the pawns of their benefactors the mega corporations.. The membership of the TEA PARTY is YOU--the ordinary people, comprising of the dissatisfied, American people. Both parties are to blame for this deadlock and the failure to enforce the laws because of the extreme special interest lobbyists.Every immigration tool such as E-Verify, Secure Communities and 287 (g) police laws must be permanent, with painful fines, lose of assets and prison for business owners.

You have seen the power of TEA PARTY, as currently the new politicians refuse to bow down to the Sen. Harry Reid's or majority speaker John Boehner who are willing to compromise over cutting $10 billion dollars from the US deficit. The Tea Party will not sanction this controversy issue and will stand their ground, in the same old "Business as Usual" diatribe, even if the the US Government has to close down. Republicans have been infiltrated by honest, sincere party members, including lawmakers who have deserted the old party corruption and greed. Currently The TEA PARTY is becoming a giant engine, as millions of delusional Americans are joining the membership. The Tea PARTY believes in Fiscal Responsibility, Limited Government,a Free Fair Market and a Strong National Security That requires each administration honor their oath of allegiance, to protect and defend America from enemies domestic and foreign. This is an ultimatum of the TEA PARTY to Secure tight our border, employ 5000 military personal fully armed and to halt the bleeding of our countries financial welfare resources by illegal aliens. None of these policies are being enforced, as billions of dollars are still being consumed by the education, medical care for foreigners who have illegally residing here. Join the party that will halt every parady of the "Rule of Law" that consumes the United States entitlement programs. Exceptional skilled people can always immigrate here, but we have millions of our own poor, the lowest of income, that need jobs and THE TEA PARTY demands it doesn't go to foreign nationals.

Somebody should ask the question of who did the work in Utah, Texas, Arizona, Illinois or New York or any other location, before the invasion? Who picked potatoes ? My grandfather. Who dug trenches or who was employed landscaping. My uncle. Who laid new roofing down or put up drywall. Two of my cousins. Who worked in the 60's in a restaurant or made beds in a motel that belonged to my other Uncle. My ex-wife. Who run around in McDonald in the early 70's, while at college. ME! I flipped burgers.

ATTN: NumbersUSA member has first-hand experience with H1B visa fraud. The member, who wishes to remain anonymous, used to work for both Oracle and Hewlett-Packard and was an integral part of the companies' abuses of the H-1B visa program.Read about it.

No Copyright, Ever. Distribute freely.
Posted by Brittanicus on March 30, 2011 at 2:10 PM

Re: “New Bills Roundup: "Arizona-Style" Immigration Laws in Oregon


THERE ARE MILLIONS OF HONEST LEGAL PEOPLE FROM SOUTH OF THE BORDER, WITH GENERATIONS OF FAMILIES LIVING HERE IN COMPLETE HARMONY. They have legal Social Security cards, Drivers Licenses, pay their taxes and have fought in every war since the rebellion against the British Empire. THE MAJORITY OF LEGAL MINORITY ETHNIC GROUPS WANT IMMIGRATION LAWS--- ENFORCED?


If you have never read any report, immigration paper or other document on the consequences daily of the illegal immigration invasion, you must spend ten minutes to read and absorb this report from the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, spring 2005 After reading this your probably need a vomit bag.

Now is the time in joining the Tea Party movement at and reclaim your rights and halt once and for all illegal immigration. The switchboard number for Washington is 202-224-3121, so that you can also contact your Congressional representative In addition contact your State Congressman in your State.

Learn all there is to know about your share of illegal immigrant tax, cost, corruption, real numbers illegally settled here and the damage of overpopulation, lose of sovereignty and the travesty of the Liberal extremist "political Correctness." and We all acknowledge there is abundant need for highly skilled workers for our nation, not the penniless or uneducated of foreign government failures.

A Criminal alien who has murdered twice; minimal prison sentence and deported three times.…

In regards to the subject matter of the 14th Amendment, it seems unlikely that the Supreme Court will revise it? But on the other hand the adults of the baby have no legal standing and can be deported. They can of course take the child with them and on reaching the age of 18 years, he/she can return. It would be a cheaper and far better avenue to handle this problem, as they parents could not apply for any kind of public entitlement and settle here to have more children, that would fall on the US taxpayer to support?

To reduce illegal Immigration we need a mandated E-Verify program, to capture and deport foreigners who shouldn't be here. The business should also face a penalty of a very painful fine, asset confiscation and imprisonment for the second offense
Posted by Brittanicus on January 18, 2011 at 3:25 PM

Re: “Young DREAM Act Supporters Stage Fake Graduation

The major problem that once immigrants--either legal or of illegal status over how many years, they could bring in a whole spectrum of family. Chain migration has silently snowballed from the 1986 Immigration bill. Since that law was passed the Congress has quietly passed six amnesties, without any explanation, while at the same time admitting over a million new legal immigrants a year through a lottery of specific working visas. The Dream Act if passed is just another stealth type back door amnesty. Hopefully in our future—the TEA PARTY—will put an end to this serious pretense of each administration supposedly working for the populace. Don't give any Senator or Representative breathing room, and should get a cordial call the Washington Switchboard 202-224-3121 Until the Dream Act is amended--it must not be voted on--as is. Any Student--come to that any illegal alien can join the military in time of conflict. One does not need the Dream Act to be recruited into the armed forces, using 8 USC § 1440, these illegal aliens can become naturalized citizens through expedited processing, often obtaining U.S. citizenship in six months?

It should be remembered for every legal or illegal immigrant who settles here, brings many more immediate family groups. Every year millions come to America who already has a legal or illegal family component, who offers either a safe haven or an affidavit of support; who they sponsor. When an illegal alien is caught along the border, the US agents ask that individual where are they are going. The majority answer I have a brother, or uncle in Denver, Salt Lake City or other major hub, who has a job for me. This is almost a perpetual loop of the same story over and over again. Alas, there is not enough room to explain what is happening around America in regards to this issue. It has become paramount quandary in so many ways and is just as urgent as the Start treaty, the tax conundrum, "Don't ask, Don't tell" and other issues. In fact the illegal immigration problem has got so out of hand; because of astronomical costs it’s threatening the livelihood of every American. IT’S A FINANCIAL catastrophe, which has grown out of control. The illegal immigration problem has been caused by years of neglect and now the only way the federal authorities can tamper down the burning fuse, is some kind of mass amnesty. Why should US citizens have to compete with foreign nationals? Why should legal construction workers or a laborer in any other job, have to compete with Contractors who hire foreign workers? When is this injustice to the American population going to end?

Remember that--CHAIN MIGRATION--puts the United States in serious peril, even more so than the original sponsors. Learn much more about the OVERPOPULATION and its risks to the environment, infrastructure and quality of life at NumbersUSA The Dream Act in itself not a menace, although at least a 800.000 students would be eligible if they abide by the law? The only immigration law that should be demanded is to make illegal entrance into the United States a felony, with no excuses and no exceptions. This includes businesses that are twice caught hiring illegal workers, should be subject to a harsh fine, confiscation of business assets and after the second conviction—prison! It's blatantly obvious to me, that for years Washington has deceived the American people of both political parties. There has been no intention of enforcing immigration laws and this is proven without doubt. If illegal immigration had severe consequences, such as the above penalties the only enforcement program needed would be E-Verify mandated for every business owner. The majority of other restriction tools needed to halt the free flow of desperate, destitute people would radically decline; knowing that you would be convicted of a class “A” felony would collapse the ongoing flow.

This would be huge disincentive to economic foreign nationals crossing our borders, or using the excuse of being a tourist, fully aware they are not leaving once their visa runs out. No! There has been no true intention of halting illegal aliens coming here for work, or to commit crimes. Both Democrats and Republicans have remained impassive to the invasion, whether its 13 million or 20 million foreigners who have skirted our laws; of course that's according which side of the Washington pecking order you are inclined to believe? Over thirty years of government neglect has brought this nightmare upon us, of incessant crimes against lawful citizens and permanent residents. Americans land owners living in constant fear along the 2000 miles of mostly unprotected border. Both political parties irrationally forget who pays their salaries and pensions while American find their wages sinking and the majority of Social programs of having to share these entitlements with illegal labor and their families.

Around the country, we have activist judges who ignore the US constitution and instead construe the law according to personal political orientation. Even now Arizona is under bombardment from open border radicals, or pro business entities, who do not want this Border States policing laws to be upheld. Then again the IRS is complicit in allowing illegal aliens to squat here, by issuing ITIN numbers, as foreigners cannot possess a real Social Security card. Over the last ten years we have seen an escalation in ID theft, with the courts saying this is not classed as a felony. Another concealed point is that illegal alien workers are collecting billions of dollars in income tax refunds, for children who don't exist or filing for the same child twice by each parent. For those people who believe that this is an embellishment, one only has to Google key words--illegal alien costs; illegal alien income tax refunds.

There are highly regarded reports on the expenditures of federal, state and county support of foreign nationals that you as the taxpayer is erroneously paying. Sanctuary States like California under Liberal progressive control in Sacramento is depleting the state of billions of dollars, as they subsidize the millions in just Los Angeles County alone? The schools are in turmoil from overcrowding of children of illegal families, who by mandated law must be educated. In understaffed county hospitals have become places of last resort, for the multitudes of foreign nationals who live below the poverty line, so they are dependent on taxpayers. California has become an incubator for hundreds of thousands of illegal pregnant females, who collect under their new citizens-babies, namely billions of more dollars soaked from you and me.

Their children are a valuable commodity, because our 14th amendment law has been with intent compromised, so that children of illegal aliens are issued food stamps, low income housing and a large profusion of cash payment and other freebies. All these entitlements should not be going to people who should not be here? These illegal women are already aware that once the stand on our soil, that the US taxpayer will support them and all their children. Until we halt the illegal immigration occupation of this country, we a steadily heading for a irrevocable overpopulation. The only way anything will ever get accomplished is by Americans pressing incessantly their Senator or Congressman. As the Tea Party grows this organization has a commitment to the people—because they are THE PEOPLE. They owe no favors to left wing Unions, big corporations or the open border zealots. They are the TEA PARTY. They are AMERICA.
Posted by Brittanicus on December 10, 2010 at 11:50 AM

Re: “City Council Condemns Arizona, Solves Racism


If you want to stop 20 to 30 illegal immigrant invasion, it's overpopulation potential and reduce the amount of money stolen from your pay check to pay for their welfare, education, health treatment join the growing numbers of NUMBERSUSA. There are billions of dollars going overseas, across the border from those illegally working here--there feeding off us like parasites. Over a million people now realize we must unite to stop this epidemic--JOIN NUMBERSUSA--as a silent activist and remain anonymous, where radical open border zealots cannot torment you with racist slurs.

Many Americans and legal residents stay in the shadows because of the chance of being verbally or even physically attacked. Have a voice in this travesty of our immigration laws. Learn the poor immigration grades of pro-amnesty politicians and eject them from office. Numbersusa is building an army of anti-illegal immigration advocates and we need your vote, to stop this violations of our freedoms, our right. ONE FLAG, ONE LANGUAGE, AND THE US CONSTITUTION. Fight for the Arizona policing law and mandate similar for every state in our Union. Why only 1200 troops on our border to defend innocent Americans in fighting the drug cartels and other criminals, but will send 17000 national guard for oil cleanup? Fight back against the Instant Citizenship "Anchor Baby" law which has been misinterpreted?