Friday, August 5, 2011

Most lawmakers are afraid of it and will not touch the illegal immigration issue. For the prior thirty years or so, these supposed legislators working for the American people have crippled any new laws. All sides have been belligerent against constructing the–REAL–border wall, E-Verify or anything else that’s come their way. Until prison is mandatory for businessman who scorns the law of hiring foreign labor, they will feel not obligated to follow any of the regulations. Without the introduction of permanent E-Verify, illegals will still get jobs.
As more States such with Arizona, New Mexico begin to purge their regions of illegal immigration with such enforcement as E-Verify, 287 (g), Secure Communities and more policing systems. These populations of aliens have no choice but to pack their possessions and head for Sanctuary States-California, Utah and other soft States with refuge policies. Governors, Mayors and other elected officials should be on their guard, as the new restraints dig in, these people who have illegally settled there will be scrutinizing the chances of getting caught through highway inspections, fingerprinting and other means to detect. Making an analysis is that hundreds of thousands will be heading for what they think are less restricted States; easy welfare pickings for perhaps in your state?
Ask honest contractors and sub-contractors who have been outbid by others in the building trade and have gone bankrupt because these incurable businesses have hired cheap labor. These unfair companies should be exposed, whether it’s a small roofing company or a hotel using this types of labor and should face painful fines asset confiscation and prison. This is why a mandatory E-Verify needs to be operated nationwide, to expose illegal workers who are taking US workforce jobs. After the national fence barrier is built securely, as planned in the 2006 Secure Fence Act, we can have honest talks on guest worker requirements for the agricultural industry, plus special immigration visas for the most highly skilled immigrants, who want to start a new life here. A new E-Verify tool is under attack because of “privacy rights.” Anything that opens jobs to the 10 million legal US workers, business instead are still stealthily filling vacancies with illegal nationals.
The tool that would have substantial success would be the implementation accessing nationwide picture drivers licenses ID. This is not going down to well with certain groups, but this is a rational opportunity to scrutinize everybody who is hired, and with no excuses from companies large- and– small who are adamant of breaking the law.
Utahans better contact their local Tea Party if they want to fight these decades of illegal immigrant occupation, as the bulk of the politicians are insensible and stay unresponsive like that tired, senile Senator Reid (D-NV). My opinion is he was returned to Washington, through illegal aliens inundating Nevada used fraudulent absentee ballots. Many organizations as NumbersUSA are looking out for Americans, to build the real fence and stop many of the huge influxes of foreigners.
Our nation is in a serious situation with public entitlement programs, so why are we pandering illegal immigrants with welfare? America has the highest US Treasury deficit in the history of the United States

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