Friday, August 5, 2011

The Pueblo Chieftain, CO

  • This illegal immigration triumph is a great launching platform, but it’s far from the end of this simmering problem. It is predictable that Arizona's SB 170 police law will be heard by the high court hopefully soon. Illegal immigration has been abandoned for so long by both political parties, we now have barely any recourse. Democrats are imploring for votes and up to now, Republican hard liners seeking cheap foreign labor for the job market. But this somber recession has displayed, with the accumulation loss of American jobs, the bailouts and corruption including Wikileaks disclosing a prime document of secret talks to merge commercially, unite currency with Canada, Mexico and United States. In conclusion the American public has finally arisen, to this overwhelming financial pestilence.
    The American populations finally have their interests recognized, by the Supreme Court, asserting that Arizona's federal mandatory E-Verify were upheld. Today it’s a major achievement for the American workers and a mortal stroke to the US Chamber of Commerce and an attempt by the Department of Justice to shield illegal aliens in the workplace. This will strengthen ATTRITION BY ENFORCEMENT in every business and control penalties with businesses that don't conform. It eventually will grant all states the right to implement and mandate the E-Verify program and open the door to hefty fines, loss of business licenses, assets and the risk of prison. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE HAVE BEEN THE PUPPETS OF CORPORATE WELFARE AND SPECIAL INTERESTS, AND NOW READY TO DO BATTLE WITH THE HELP OF THE TEA PARTY.
    Other states will now follow the example of Arizona and those who don't, will be in the forefront of mass exodus from these rigid policing states. The Sanctuary State of California as with Nevada and Utah will become a place of refuge. In a 5-3 victory the justices, repudiated the pro-illegal politicians, Governors, Mayors and lower ranks of leftist and Rino Republicans. Those elected officials in San Francisco, Sacramento, the height of Liberal Extremism who are trying to "OPT-OUT" of the "Secure Communities" will be extracted from their comfortable abodes and discarded by the propagating Tea Party. If these hives of Leftist indoctrination they should be exempt from federal funds. Of course the Liberal judges didn't go along with this decision, which is to be expected, specially when you run the gauntlet of the 9th Circuit Court of appeals If Mississippi can identify foreign national with drivers Licenses, why cannot this be a permanent law in federal books. Further why hasn't the US government made it a felony to enter America without being processed?
    This is not about the Hispanic legal population being the whipping boy for Americans ills, but about illegal vs. legal immigration. The answerable legal people are subject to higher taxes, to pay for every foreigner who crosses the line from South of the border, from Canada, Europe or any other nation? Another issue that many states see as a major peril to our sovereignty rights is illegal aliens using the absentee ballot system to vote in elections. New York, Colorado, New Jersey, Texas is being investigated by state Attorney General commissions. Acorn is still a chief player and although dissolved on paper, is still implicated in the registration racket. There are occurrences in California and Nevada of exploitation of voter rolls.
    Can any American citizen or green card holder envisage what this country was like thirty years ago, before the illegal immigrant invasion? How many hundreds of billions of dollars, perhaps even a Trillion in three decades? Fewer illegal aliens meant fewer taxes to support the huge support mechanism that we have today? An example would be California, was a less congested cities and communities, where there was room to breathe? Just think were those taxes to subsidize illegal immigrants today could be highly beneficial, if it was spent on our own population; our Senior citizens, sick and mentally impaired. Education, for instance is forced on us, by a federal court that we must pay the schooling for every child of illegal immigrants. Then we have health care that the courts say, that anybody who breaks the law to come here is entitled to free treatment.
    From both parties are hundreds of thousands, tens of millions finding that the TEA PARTY, doesn't discriminate against race or religion. That these associates are disheartened by the Liberals, democrats and Republicans, that are not doing enough to stop the in-sourcing of illegal immigrants or outsourcing of jobs to foreign countries.
    Has this been a premeditated failure of every administration to secure our borders or enact laws that would obstruct foreign national at the border, or a tracking system to expatriate visa overstays. E-Verify will eradicate this problem of the issuance of a Secure Communities law, to enforce that every police department fingerprint and send those scans to ICE. If you want less government, a fair Tax system, individual responsibility and the return of federal excessive power to the states, join the Tea Party in your local area. Tell your Federal, State or local lawmaker; unless they join the TEA PARTY, they will be out of office in 2012.
    Contact them at Senate—202-224–3121/ House—202-225–3121.

    To me illegal immigration is one the principle issues of the impending November election, because of the cost entailed every year to financially support the millions of these poor, unschooled people coming to our shores is overwhelming. This is especially outrageous, when our government fails to consider the will of its own citizens and do only what’s necessary when discovered? But there is yet another severe problem that influences every American which is political campaign money. Unless we have our eyes and ears open beginning in November as, not too much has been presented by the press about this major problem. Even worse is that affects us all, of which the courts have said that it’s fine for our lawmakers to accept contributions, even from foreign corporations. President Obama has spoken about it, and I do agree with his assessment of this serious situation that undermines the whole concept of our voting system. It literary means any foreign entity can spend millions of dollars on TV ads, either from say, (BP) British Petroleum or the Sultan of Brunei or the United Arab Emirates to impact US voters in November. This is relevant to both parties, which I think is nauseating. Every politician should be held accountable and held to the highest standard--after all they did swear allegiance to the American people and not to Wall Street. It’s likely we will be bombarded in the coming months, with lies and propaganda from either side of the aisle, in Washington. Citizens should make it job--ONE--to find out who is pushing these nefarious advertising, that our TV screen will be plastered with? We need to distinguish on the Democratic side, which entity is paying for their ads; enemies foreign or domestic. Trade Unions for instance should not be allowed to spend Union dues, to promote any lawmaker, unless the individual Union member is allowed to choose, which issue or politician? The same with the Republicans lawmakers who used a filibuster to table exposed advertising laws, when THE PEOPLE demand transparency for whose paying for the commercials in November, or even the general election? Otherwise Wall Street will be just as powerful under the next election that cannot be tolerated by the Public. We need to get rid of the smugness in the Capitol and remove all none effective incumbents in November. Senator Reid (D-NV) must be removed and the unpatriotic Czars, including many of the Republican> All those categorized as tax and spend, or pro-amnesty politicians must go? We must destroy the machinery where the most money spent by candidates—BUYS--them a political position such as Governor, Senator or Congressman, who think they can fool the public with their rhetoric. We cannot remain unfocused by the current Mosque controversy in New York, but open our eyes wide and discharge legislators who are in collusion with the Mexican government who want in on our Social Security. We must—NOT--ratify any Mexican totalization treaty with Social Security, to allow illegal alien workers access to fraudulent tax money, which has been accumulated overtime. When you break our laws as foreigners, you shouldn’t be rewarded. Every law that is detrimental to the American taxpayer such as the instant citizenship baby law should be rescinded or amended. Any law that assists Americans claim their jobs back, as a mandated E-Verify. The federal government should instruct every local police department to apprehend illegal aliens under the 286 (G) statute. Then above all else--NO AMNESTY--NO PATH TO CITIZENSHIP. Although we do not have any official Amnesty for illegal people in this country, over 1.5 million are still being imported annually taking away jobs from the 14.5 million American and permanent resident labor force. THESE UNDISCLOSED LEGAL IMMIGRANT IMPORTATION HAS BEEN THE AGENDA FOR YEARS. Obama has promised honest, free trade with cheap foreign nations, but this has still not materialized. In addition we need to hold these countries accountable for unfair trade practices. Hopefully, the tea party, moderate conservatives will not fall for the old, retried agenda of both Liberal Democrats and Republicans and start a new path to a new successful economic future.
    2 months ago
  • America will always need the highest skilled scientists, engineers and computer experts that will be highly sought after for their qualifications. These legal immigrants will never become a public charge, looking to apply for food stamps and public welfare. However what we don't need, nor should they be accommodated by the radical open border zealots, is the desperate, impoverished who slip into this nation without a penny. They are exploited by all different trade contractors, sub-contractors and any incorrigible employer such a "Chipotle" fast food group of eating houses hiring hundreds of illegal laborers. These are jobs that our own children can do or legal resident teens, which right now in this complex recession could make a little extra money for college. It is estimated there are at least 8 million foreigners in every caliber of jobs; not just using a leaf blower or bricklayer or janitorial services. No longer can this country afford to cater to those people who slip through immigration loopholes such as the instant-baby-citizenship of the 14th amendment and allowing the indigent parent to stay. This fraudulent enterprise on its own costs US citizens billions of dollars a year, especially when the rest of large family is smuggled into this land. We must stop coddling the destitute of other countries, and look to our own population below the poverty line. We must make E-Verify, 287 (g) policing authority, a mandatory high priority, with hefty fines, confiscation of company assets and painful prison sentences. Our country is in a serious situation, brought on by thirty years of illegal immigration neglect and now States have seen the writing on the wall and costs for education, health care and imprisonment, which the US government never reimburses? Those soft States that bow down to the illegal immigration invasion, will soon find themselves in a financial quaternary.
    As more States insist on zero tolerance laws, millions of illegal nationals will exodus those regions and speedily head for places such as the Sanctuary State of California, Colorado, Utah and other location with their hands out for millions of dollars in public services and entitlements. This situation is happening now in the non-tolerant in the Grand Canyon State, as the illegal alien population is leaving and crowding into California and States where their is welfare and little or no enforcement laws.
    Astronomical amounts of money in food stamps and too many freebies for illegal nationals to subsist on, thanks to both political parties. This blogger gets thousands of emails a day, which my response is a format letter. Just like Egyptian revolution, it’s up to the larger majority of the American people to stand up and protect and defend your citizenship, the US Constitution from Liberal progressives who would steal it from you. Make a point of joining the TEA Party, or a pro sovereignty organization such as NumbersUSA who allows free faxes to your lawmakers. Above all else place a call with the federal switchboard at 202-224-3121. Ask to be connected to your Senate or Representative and speak your mind.
    6 months ago
  • On August 20, ICE chief John Morton defined the new policy in a communication to his staff. The strategy has the stated purpose of clearing the backlog of cases in immigration court cases, but it also has the effect of creating a de facto amnesty for arrested illegal nationals who have not been convicted of a severe crime. This move follows the leaking of an internal Obama Administration memo which outlined ways of legalizing illegal aliens without Congress' approval.Not much said--if anything in the national Liberal press, about the Immigration Czars silence on letting non-criminal illegal aliens off the hook. Isn't it Federal law that--ALL--illegal aliens must be deported? Everybody who entered America illegally is just that--ILLEGAL? It has not gone unnoticed that the Media, always consigns to an illegal alien as an illegal immigrant. They are not illegal immigrants they are illegal aliens. They broke the law, whether its civil or a criminal offense? Is this some form of an antidote for an avenue to pass an AMNESTY? If theses officials we trusted to work for the people in Washington are not doing there job.Who will? Perhaps the propagating Tea Party and moderate Conservatives will bring some sense of sanity? According to some Immigration attorney's in Houston, Texas unless you are a criminal alien with felonies, the judges are releasing them back onto the streets.
    THE US IMMIGRATION AND CUSTOMS SERVICE ARE CIRCUMVENTING THE LAW. Knowing this new direction, millions of more illegal aliens will determine its easy to break into America and apply for welfare, receive free hospital treatment and get their children educated on--YOUR-- dime, specifically now that that Obama's boys and girls are ignoring the US Constitution and Congress. Stealing your jobs, stealing your SOCIAL SECURITY. YES! Your Social Security pensions are in jeopardy to the massive tune of 2.6 Trillion dollars as according to the Heritage Foundation.. If your ready to accept even more millions of impoverished illegal foreigners and their families, stealing your Social Security? THEN OPEN THE DOORS! DO YOU WANT AN OVERPOPULATED NATION WITH A SHORTAGE OF BASIC NECESSITIES LIKE WATER?
    Don't Secure the fence. Don't question Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) why the 2006 Secure Fence Act was severely underfunded. Millions of incorrigible corporate owners will love you for it, so they can hire cut-price labor with no responsibilities. Ill.egal Immigration expenditures have reached $113 Billion annually, a prejudiced Drain on Taxpayers.who cannot even afford to feed their ow children as stated by Federation for American Immigration Reform. With an additional $60 billion tacked on that illegal wages is transferred out of this nation as remittances, with the compliments of numerous American banks.
    EVERY INCUMBENT, CAREER POLITICIAN WHO HAS A BAD IMMIGRATION RECORD, BEGINNING WITH SEN. REID AND HIS CZARS MUST BE REMOVED FROM THEIR SEAT IN WASHINGTON. JOIN NUMBERSUSA AND AID IN FIGHTING AGAINST AMNESTY OR BENEFITS FROM THIS INVASION. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Tell your Representative in Washington at 202-224-3121 and State level officials Remember illegal aliens could have voted in the midterm elections? The Obama administration has shown its true colors, that illegal immigration is a great way to collect votes in the future by pacifying large minority groups.